Adventure Time Filler List – Which Adventure Time Episodes Are Fillers?

Stretched over ten seasons, Adventure Time has two hundred and ninety-one episodes which also include the fillers. Out of two hundred and ninety-one episodes, fifty-nine Adventure Time episodes are fillers. The filler percentage for Adventure Time is around 19.86 percent

Some of the best episodes in Adventure Time are “I Remember You”, “Simon & Marcy”, “Thank You”, “Fionna and Cake”, and “Ocean of Fear”.

Should you skip Adventure Time Fillers? Adventure Time Fillers are not related to the main storyline. Seldom, a few filler episodes help prepare for the main storyline, such as introducing a new character or concept. While you can skip most fillers, you might want to watch a few.

Adventure Time Filler List

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Fillers are the stuff between two Oreo cookies, it’s true. But when it comes to Adventure Time lore episodes, fillers are used to fill the space between chapters in the main story. They are often of lower quality, and sometimes they fill a time gap, while at other times they give a more insightful look into characters. They can also be used to introduce certain new characters but they do not alter the story.

Going through the following list of fillers will help you watch Adventure time without fillers.

Here is the complete list of Adventure Time Filler Episodes.

Season 1:

While all the Adventure Time important episodes in season 1 don’t include fillers, some of them might be worth watching. Just keep in mind that these are not Adventure Time canon episodes and you’re good to go.

Episode 6: The Jiggler

On their way home, Jake and Finn stumbled across the Jiggler as Finn started whistling. Much amused by the incident, they take the Jiggler home.

Episode 8: Business Time

The episode mentions Ooo as a post-apocalyptic place for the first time. Lethargy befalls Jake and Finn as they hand over their work which leads to a predicament for others.

Episode 11: Wizard

A skeleton tricks Finn and Jake to help stop an asteroid in exchange for free magical powers. Finn paces through and finds a way to prevent the crisis.

Episode 13: City of Thieves

Finn, alongside Jake, blazed through the City of Thieves, searching for a thief who had from a little girl named Penny. Although, staying true to yourself and pure is much harder than it appears.

Episode 14: The Witch’s Garden

After being stripped of his powers by a witch, Jake loses all his eagerness. A skeletal mermaid captures Finn, and to rescue him; Jake needs to regain his powers. To do so, Jake needs to apologize to the Witch, which he eventually does.

Episode 17: Wedding Bells Thaw 

Subduing his kidnapping desires to wed a skeptical bride, the Ice King convinces Jake and Finn to help him throw a “manlorette party”. But after finding out the Ice King’s sketchy plots, they terminate the wedding. 

Episode 19: The Duke

Finn faces a predicament: whether tell Princess Bubblegum about his mistake and be hated by his friend forever or blame it on the Duke of Nuts, who turns out to have a pudding obsession.

Episode 21: Donny 

Not realizing the impact on the environment they might generate, Finn and Jake decided to help Donny, a grass Ogre, mend his old ways. 

Episode 23: Rainy Day Daydream 

Finn finds out that Jake can turn his imagination into reality, and it starts raining knives. The only way to disable Finn’s vision is to kickstart Jake’s dreams.

Episode 26: Gut Grinder 

As they chase the “Gut-Grinder”, a beast that captures and consumes gold belonging to others, Jake feels that he could be the beast. Eventually, Jake duels and thrashes the creature, and they restore all the captured gold. 

Season 2:

Season 2 also has some episodes that don’t stick to the main storyline, so here’s an Adventure Time watch guide for this season.

Episode 2: The Eyes

Jake and Finn find themselves in a bit of a situation. A horse keeps them awake all night by doing nothing except staring at them. It is only to find out that it is none other than the Ice King undercover, stalking them to find out the secret of a happy life.

Episode 5: Storytelling

Jake falls sick and wants Finn to tell him a story. Finn sets out into the woods to look for a good story to narrate, which gets him in trouble with the forest dwellers. 

Episode 6: Slow Love

Finn and Jake try to win some lady snails’ favor. They want to ask her for help in order to rescue their house, which is being used as a shell by a humongous snail called Sherlock. 

Episode 26: Heat Signature 

The Vampire Queen Marceline tricks Finn and Jake into believing that they are vampires, but this façade of hers goes too far.

Season 3:

Next, I have a list of Adventure Time episodes that might be considered fillers, too.

Episode 1: Conquest of Cuteness

The duo, Finn and Jake, encounter the King of the kingdom of Cute and the resident Cuties, who wish to kill them. They decide to fake their death after finding out that Cuties have never won a fight. 

Episode 7: Still 

Intending to get close to Finn and Jake, the Ice King stuns the duo. Finn calls for assistance by summoning a celestial beast. The filler ends with Ice King freezing himself.

Episode 18: The New Frontier 

Soon after encountering a weird Banana Man, Jake has a divine revelation in a dream that culminates in death. Finn tries to make sure this doesn’t happen. Reality follows the same pattern as the dream, except for Jake’s death. 

Episode 22: Paper Pete 

As Jake studies the Rainicorn history, Finn helps the Pagelings and their visionary leader Paper Pete defend their library.

Season 4:

If you’ve reached season 4, you might not want to skip any of the episodes. But nonetheless, here’s an Adventure Time episode list that may help you decide whether these fillers are worth it.

Episode 3: Web Weirdos

To prevent himself and Jake from being eaten alive, Finn must try to find a way to resolve the argument between a spider couple. 

Episode 7: In Your Footsteps

Finn becomes acquainted with a bear. Jake suspects that the bear is tricking Finn so that he can take Finn’s identity, which turns out to be true.

Episode 8: Hug Wolf

Finn turns into a Beta Hug Wolf after befriending the Alpha Hug Wolf. Now it is up to Jake to try to find a way to break the curse. 

Episode 11: Beyond this Earthly Realm

Finn is teleported to the “spirit world” after he touched a peculiar lamb statue. The only person who can help Finn turns out to be the Ice King.

Episode 17: BMO Noire

To search for Finn’s missing sock, BMO goes all out.

Episode 21: Who Would Win

While battling a creature called “The Farm”, Finn and Jake somehow start dueling each other. In this situation, only the Dream Lord can help them defeat The Farm.

Episode 23: The Hard Easy

Finn and Jake have to keep various River Scamps safe and protect them from their predator, the Mega Frog.

Episode 24: Reign of Gunters

The whole Candy Kingdom is turned upside down as Gunter tries to take over the kingdom by creating multiple clones of himself. 

Season 5:

Besides the Adventure Time canon episodes, in season 5 there are some fillers that don’t necessarily follow the main plot but are still worth watching.

Episode 4: Up a Tree

Finn and Jake’s frisbee game goes south when it gets stuck in a big tree. As Finn climbs the tree to collect the frisbee all by himself, he gets detained by the tree dwellers. 

Episode 8: Mystery Dungeon

In a bit to turn his fan-fiction Fionna and cake a reality, the Ice King kidnaps Tree trunks, Lemongrab, NEPTR, and Shelby. 

Episode 10: Little Dude

Finn, Jake, and the Wizard track down a hat that takes over bodies by sitting on their head and turning them evil.

Episode 18: Princess Potluck

The Villain Ice King tries to ruin the Princess’ Potluck because he thought he didn’t get invited to find out that he was invited by mail.

Episode 20: Shh! 

Finn and Jake make a bet to see who can stay silent for the longest by using signs to talk. Unknown to this arrangement, on encountering their odd behavior, BMO thinks they are possessed.

Episode 27: Jake Suit

Annoyed at how Finn uses his body like a suit of armor, Jake asks him to let him use his body in the same way and makes a bet that Finn would not be able to withstand it.

Episode 37: Box Prince

The Box Prince confronts Finn and tells him that an imposter has taken over Box Kingdom’s throne. 

Episode 39: We Fixed a Truck

Finn and Jake try to repair a truck with the help of BMO and Banana Man. They use this truck to save Princess Bubble and exterminate the monster, the mutant reptile. 

Episode 49: Bad Timing

Due to her jealousy, Lumpy Space Princess sends her boyfriend, Johnnie, into a different dimension.

Season 6:

Now, let’s see which episodes can be considered fillers in season 6, besides all the Adventure Time important episodes.

Episode 5: Sad Face 

Once a month, Jake’s tail goes to work in a circus while Jake is fast asleep. Jake’s tail goes by the name Blue Nose. Bluenose doesn’t like how the ring leader treats a particular chipmunk and makes a pact with the ring to set the chipmunk up if Blue Nose can rope in more money.

Episode 7: Food Chain 

Finn and Jake acquire knowledge about the food chain after visiting the Candy Kingdom’s Museum of Natural History. As they venture on, the duo stumbles across Erin, and Finn falls in love with her. 

Episode 8: Furniture & Meat 

The duo’s colossal treasure of gold becomes a danger to their treehouse. BMO convinces Finn to lavishly use his expenses at an extravagant resort in the Wildberry Kingdom. 

Episode 11: Little Brother 

Surrounding Shelby’s brother Kent’s birth, this filler episode is about his birth, his journey to find his sword, and his battle with the Rat King. 

Episode 13: Thanks for the Crabapples, Giuseppe 

Along with other characters such as Little Dude and other wizards, Ice King ventures out to carve out their magic school. Giuseppe, the old wizard, tries to collect some apples from the Crabapple tree, which is he left behind. 

Episode 17: Ghost Fly 

Set on a rough night, Jake killed a fly. In a bit to seek revenge, the spirit of the fly haunts the treehouse. 

Episode 18: Everything’s Jake 

The Magic man teleports Jake within himself, where everything is composed of Jake’s flesh. The inhabitants beg him not to leave as they might cease to exist.

Episode 21: Dentist 

Unable to bear his toothache any longer, Finn decides to stop the ants who provide dental care.

Episode 29: Dark Purple 

Susan Strong and her Hyooman partners save a baby and uncover dark secrets about the Super Prop soda factory.

Episode 31: Walnuts & Rain 

Two distinct fates await Finn and Jake as they fall into two separate pits.

Episode 32: Friends Forever 

Under the pretense of getting closer, the Ice King asks the Life-Giving Magus to come over to his place and hang out. But in reality, he wants something else entirely.

Episode 34: Chips & Ice Cream

Morty Rogers, a bear, casts a curse on Jake, because of which Jake now has to live with two beings called Chips and Ice Cream.

Episode 37: Water Park Prank 

Finn and Jake bump into Ice King at a water park and hatch a plan to prank him.

Season 7:

Here is a comprehensive guide to all the filler chapters in season 7.

Episode 4: Mama Said

Finn and Jake venture out into the wild, searching for a flying mushroom for the King of Ooo.

Episode 5: Football

BMO makes a deal with Football to trade their places for a day.

Episode 17: Angel Face

BMO organizes a cowboy-themed play with the help of Finn and Jake. BMO bribes Jake to become his horse to help him look for the criminal, Finn.

Episode 18: President Porpoise is Missing

Finn and Jake realize that President Porpoise is nowhere to be found and ask BMO for help. In the end, President Porpoise comes back saying he had gone on a short vacation.

Episode 19: Blank-Eyed Girls

The duo faces the Blank-Eyed Girls and tries to tackle them with various superstitions but all for naught. 

Episode 22: Scamps

The episode revolves around Finn’s attempts to discipline a bunch of candy kids. He does this by applying reverse psychology to them. 

Episode 26: The Thin Yellow Line

Princess Bubblegum gives Finn and Jake the responsibility to look for the artists who have been anonymously painting murals all over the Candy Kingdom.

Season 8:

Season 8 is the precise moment when the number of fillers has been reduced to a minimum. There are only three episodes that can be considered a filling in the main plotline.

Episode 3: Beyond the Grotto

Finn and Jack get rid of their sea lard by throwing it into the pond, which turns out to be a mistake.

Episode 6: Bun Bun

A creation of Princess Bubblegum, Bun Bun is a tiny pastry and Cinnamon Bun’s assistant. She helps the Flame King to mend his old ways. Finn reconciles with Flame Princess.

Episode 18: Horse and Ball

James Baxter is sad as his ball gets wrecked. Finn uncovers James Baxter’s identity and story. Finn tries to console him and advises him to look for other means of happiness. 

Season 10:

Hooray for season 9 not containing any fillers! However, season 10 is similar, with only one filler episode made.

Episode 9: Bananas 

Bothered by the absence of Jake, Finn tries to find another way to keep himself occupied and entertained.

Adventure Time Has a Non-linear Story

While many people believe that this show, much like Steven Universe or the famous Star Wars Rebels, has some filler episodes, others believe it is not so. In fact, due to the storyline being non-linear, they don’t consider any of the episodes as “filler.” And while there are a lot of episodes to watch for the newcomers to this show, it’s definitely worth watching in order. And whether this series has fillers or not is up to you to decide after you’ve seen them all.

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