Fairy Tail Filler List – Which Fairy Tail Episodes Are Fillers?

Fairy Tail fillers fillers were first introduced to prevent the series from reaching the Manga, a common practice in animes that are adapted from a Manga source. If you include some sub-canon episodes that run like fillers, there are about 68 episodes of filler content in Fairy Tail. 

The best Fairy Tail filler episodes are the infinity clock arc (Ep. 128-150) and the celestial spirits battles (Ep. 205-218). Make sure you also check out the sub-canons in Ep. 20, 151, 255, 279, and 312. 

Can you skip Fairy Tail fillers? Yes, you can skip Fairy Tail fillers because these fillers do not really change the overall arc of the story and characters’ development. However, some fillers do add more depth and detail to the show’s dynamics, so I recommend watching them all.

Fairy Tail Filler List

Here is the complete Fairy Tail filler list:

1. E9: Natsu devours a village

While lost in Clover Canyon, Team Natsu, with Makarov Dreyar, stumble upon a strange village. Their hunger leads them to explore and search for food when the houses transform into monsters. 

2. E19: Changeling

The guild encounters a strange magic (Changeling) which switches the minds/bodies of people. With Levy’s help, they have to revert the magic before the effects are made permanent. 

3. E20: Natsu and the Dragon Egg (Sub-canon)

Lucy finds a 6-year old picture of the guild, and Mirajane Strauss explains the story behind it. This episode is considered a sub-canon because it has a backstory of Natsu and how Happy was born. 

4. E49: The Day of the faithful encounter

Cana predicts that Lucy would have an encounter later that day. As expected, Lucy does meet a guy who invites her for dinner. 

5. E50: Special Request: Watch out for the guy you like!

Lucy faces ‘boy’ problems as she wonders whether Natsu likes her. Juvia, on the other hand, sets forth a ‘potion’ that was meant for Gray but affects the others too. Trouble ensures. 

6. E69: Call of the dragon

Natsu means to explore rumors of a dragon as the Allied Forces leave for their own guilds. 

7. E70: Natsu Vs. Gray

Natsu and Gray have a face-off when Gray attacks Natsu for no apparent reason. Lucy and Erza also have to fend off against strange Lizardmen. 

8. E71: Friendship overcomes the dead

Daphne’s artificial dragon causes chaos in Magnolia town after Natsu’s capture. The mages all work together to stop this dragonoid. 

9. E72: A Fairy Tail Wizard

We finally find out why Gray handed over Natsu to Daphne and why she built her dragon. The Mages finally have success fighting Daphne and the dragonoid. 

10. E73: Rainbow Cherry blossoms

It’s party season for Fairy Tail as Magnolia town stands beautiful with its cherry blossoms. Natsu and Happy help Lucy enjoy the view even if she can’t make it. 

11. E74: Wendy’s first big mission?

Despite the others worrying about her, Wendy Marvell proves that she has what it takes on her first job. 

12. E75: 24-hour endurance road race

It’s finally time for the guild’s yearly endurance race! And no one wants to finish last. 

13. E125: The Magic Ball

Natsu and the team accept a mission to capture a criminal – Velveno, at a ball. It, however, ends on an uplifting note when love conquers all. 

14. E126: True Scoundrels: The Butt Jiggle Gang

Natsu and the others protect a cargo transportation from the Butt Jiggle Gang. 

15. E127: The Terror of Invisible Lucy

Disaster and hilarity ensues as Lucy accidentally turns herself invisible. 

16. E128: Father’s Memento

Lucy gets an old memento that her Father left her. She believes there is a riddle to solve in the memento when the team accidentally triggers it. 

17. E129: Showdown – Natsu Vs. Laxus

Lucy continues solving the riddle, even as Gray and Erza set out to catch some bandits. Natsu meets Laxus and challenges him to a fight!

18. E130: Target – Lucy

Three mysterious and powerful mages come to capture Lucy. The guild fights the mages unsuccessfully, even as Lucy and Michelle are on the run. 

19. E131: The Fury of Legend

On their search for Lucy and Michelle, the Fairy Tail mages have to deal with the mysterious Legion Corps. 

20. E132: Key of Starry Heaven

On the search to solve Lucy’s memento, the guild encounters the boss of the Legion. 

21. E133: Travelling companions

The team splits up to find the remaining pieces of a mystical clock. Lucy’s party encounters some archaeologists who help them on their venture. 

22. E134: Labyrinth Rhapsody

Lucy’s party runs into ancient traps and adversaries, even as Gray’s party finds a real piece of the clock after attacking the Sugarboy. 

23. E135: Footprints of the Myth

Lucy’s team end up fighting Coco and Dan in an underground crypt. On the other side, Erza’s team meet the Jiggle Butt Gang in an old library. 

24. E136: True Scoundrels, once again!

Ezra’s party continue fighting the Jiggle Butt Gang’s unconventional tactics. Natsu beats Dan in the crypt. And Gajeel’s team runs into Samuel on their quest. 

25. E137: Defying Calculation

Both Gajeel and Misanna’s party find a clock piece each, but they have to fight for it. 

26. E138: The Whereabouts of the Crusade

With three more clock pieces required, Mirajaane fights Mary Hughes, Lucy’s team battles Byro and Kanaloa even as they find crucial information about the clock. 

27. E139: The Moment That’s Activated

Lucy’s team finally find the last piece as Coco switches over to help them fight Byro. As they unite the other pieces, the result shocks everyone, and an old foe appears. 

28. E140: Reborn Oracion Seis Appears

The Reborn Oracion Seis appears and beats the Fairy Tail to take the clocks. Lucy realizes that solving the riddle and pursuing the infinity clocks was the wrong move. 

29. E141: Chase the Infinity Clock

The guild splits up once again in pursuit of Oracion Seis and to retrieve the Infinity Clock. The Reborn Oracion Seis, meanwhile, goes on a rampage destroying other churches. 

30. E142: The Dissonance of Battle

The new teams of Fairy Tail struggle to cooperate and work together. This problem becomes obvious when they fight members of the Oracion Seis. 

31. E143: Anti Link

Racer attacks Doranbolt and Lahar at the Zentopia Cathedral. He plans to release the Anti Link. Meanwhile, the Fairy Tail continues fighting with the Reborn Oracion Seis. 

32. E144: Despair Unleashed

Fairy Tail, Legion, and Reborn Oracion Seis continue their fierce battle. The powerful Cobra is too strong for Ezra’s team, even as Gajeel and Juvia save Kardia Cathedral. ‘Michele’ reveals herself to be a member of the Oracion Seis, bearing the name Imitatia. 

33. E145: Real Nightmare

Natsu is stuck in a cell with the Jiggle Butt Gang. The guild finds out the true potential of the Infinity Clock. However, Imitatia and Brian II use the Anti Link against Lucy to claim the infinity clock’s powers for themselves. 

34. E146: The Spiral of time

The Fairy Tail and Ichiya encounter several fights with the Reborn Oracion Seis and the Zentopia Church. The Magic Council finds out that Cardinal Lapointe is also part of the Oracion Seis. 

35. E147: To the Infinity Castle

The defeated Cardinal Lapointe claims that killing Lucy is the only way to stop the clock. But Happy realizes that the infinity clock will stop if they can beat the Reborn Oracion Seis. The Fairy Tail, once again, splits up to battle the Oracion Seis. 

36. E148: The Angel’s Tears

Natsu’s team continues fighting Imitatia. Erza faces off against Cobra. Gray and Dan continue the fierce fight against Angel. The rest of the team tries to stop the clock as it slowly consumes Lucy. 

37. E149: A friend’s voice is heard

The Archbishop maintains that they can slow the clock down by destroying its links to Earth. Fairy Tail and Legion team up to destroy the chains and fight Midnight at the same time. Lucy hears her friend’s voice even as she is becoming gone with the infinity clock. 

38. E150: Lucy and Michelle

The team finally manages to rescue Lucy, even as she remembers the true identity of Imitatia (her childhood doll). Midnight and the Dark Guild are both defeated and the arduous journey of Lucy’s Memento comes to an end. 

39. E151: Sabretooth (Sub-canon)

Fairy Tail and Legion both celebrate the victory over the infinity clock. They also learn about a tournament that tests the strength of guilds. 

40. E202: Welcome back, Frosch

While Sabertooth’s new master, Sting has fun in the water with the others, Lector reports the disappearance of Frosch. The group sets out in search and finds Frosch, but meets several Fairy Tail mages on the way. 

41. E203: Mulan Rouge

The members relax with a game of billiards. Ezra recounts the first time she played the game and met an imposter of the guild. 

42. E204: Stake my life on hospitality

Lucy and Yukino agree to grant all of their Zodiac Spirits a wish each. They find Aquarius in a bad mood, and cheering her up becomes a tough task. 

43. E205: Beacon of Rebellion 

Natsu, Lucy, and Happy accept the job of investigating what is causing Fiore’s bad weather. They find out that the celestials did it as a trick to lure in Lucy. 

44. E206: Panic of Library

Finding the celestial spirit world in unrest, Lucy, Yukino, Levy, and Happy go to the Magic Library to find a solution. 

45. E207: Hisui Rises

Hisui and Arcadious inform Natsu that the twelve new keys can close the gates of the Zodiac spirits. But Eclipse Pisces intervenes, and they are forced to fight. 

46. E208: Astral Spirytus

The celestials begin the Librerium magic process. The Fairy Tail team reaches, and they begin a battle to stop the magic from unravelling. 

47. E209: Wendy Vs. Aquarius

Natsu defeats Loke, and continues the battle with the celestials along with Lucy, Cara, and Mirajaane. Wendy gets cornered by Aquarius, who engages in playful destruction. Natsu arrives to help, and Wendy uses the banishment key to beat Aquarius.

48. E210: Guild Deck Vs. Celestial Spirit Deck

Mirajaane manages to defeat Pisces, and Levy starts his quiz with Capricorn. Cana also sees success as he begins to learn the ropes of the card game against Scorpio. 

49. E211: Gray Vs. Cancer: Dance Battle

As Natsu’s team looks for Loke, Gray busts out his moves in a dance battle against Cancer. Not only does he beat Cancer, but he woes the celestial with his moves. 

50. E212: Juvia Vs. Aries

As the team continues fighting the celestials, Juvia finds Aries in the desert and defeats her. 

51. E213: Erza Vs. Sagittarius

Erza begins a horseback showdown with Sagittarius even as the others try to stop Eclipse Ophiucus

52. E214: Leo Vs. Natsu

Leo manages to perform the Librerium magic, but Natsu stops him with his newly acquired Black Fire. 

53. E215: The Snake Charmer

Hisui arrives at Ophiuchus’s realm along with Arcadios. They figure out that the snake spirit is actually a pawn of the celestial king and the Eclipse. 

54. E216: When the Stars are filled all over

Natsu and Happy begin the fight against the powerful Ophiuchus to stop the rise of the Librerium Versus. 

55. E217: Celestial Spirit Beast

Having defeated Ophiuchus, the mages now take on the Eclipse celestial spirit King. 

56. E218: Believe

Happy and Natsu attack the celestial being from inside while Lucy and the team attack from outside. They eventually beat the beast. 

57. E219: What a true heart weaves

Natsu loses a bet and has to spend the whole day doing Asuka’s bidding.

58. E220: 413 Days

Juvia begins spreading joy in celebration of the 413th day anniversary of meeting Gray. 

59. E221: White Silver Labyrinth

Natsu, Happy, and Lucy set out on a mission to a frozen cave where they battle hunger and fight a monster. 

60. E222: Transform!

Lucy enlists the help of Mirajaane to learn the power of Transformation Magic. They are accompanied by Macao and Wakaba. 

61. E223: KemoKemo Arrived

Natsu and Happy find a strange new friend named KemoKemo. They head to the Grand Magic Games to learn more about their new friend. 

62. E224: The Place you came before

Fairy tail and Sabertooth arrive on a mysterious island where everyone gets infected with a virus. KemoKemo unleashes his powers to cure them and defeat the serpent. 

63. E225: The Thunder Man

A town summons Laxus to help them deal with the endless rain of lightning that is plaguing the place. 

64. E226: Fairy Tail of the Dead Meeeeeeeeen

Kotobuki releases a virus portion that turns everyone into his likeness. Natsu finds a deodorant that reverses the spell. 

65. E255: Steel (Sub-canon)

Gajeel recollects the lessons he learns from Belno to power himself through a battle with Torafuzzar. He beats the Demon Gate and dispels the curses. 

66. E268: Treasure Hunt

The newly-formed team sets out for Hargeon but stumbles on an ancient temple with many secrets to explore. 

67. E270: Moonlit Lat (Sub-canon)

The team camps out at night on the way to Magnolia. Mavis and Zera reconcile and develop a special bond in a nearby lake. 

68. E312: Sting, the white shadow dragon

Sting becomes more powerful after taking away Rogue’s powers. He uses white shadow magic to defeat Larcade.

Is The Fairy Tail Filler Arc Worth Watching?

The Fairy Tail fillers by themselves don’t follow a strict arc of the main story. But they can often act as extensions to existing episodes. For instance, you often find more details about specific magic or explanations that help you understand the actual episodes better. 

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