Ergo Proxy Filler List – Which Ergo Proxy Episodes Are Fillers?

Ergo Proxy is a dark, cyberpunk anime produced by Manglobe. Set in a fictional, utopian future, the series explores dark underpinnings of Gnosticism and philosophy. 

Ergo Proxy

Here is a complete list of filler episodes in Ergo Proxy.

Ep11: Anamnesis/In the White Darkness

Vincent encounters a strange man in a peculiar book store. He goes on to find out more about his true identity and nature. 

Ep14: Ophelia/Someone like you

The trio (Vincent, Pino, and Re-L) stop at an abandoned dome, only to have their minds assaulted by the city’s Proxy. 

Ep15: Nightmare Quiz Show/Who wants to be in Jeopardy?

Vincent has to use his trivia knowledge for survival as he finds himself in a bizarre and dangerous game show. 

Ep16: Dead Calm/Busy Doing Nothin

The trio find themselves stranded on Centzon Totochtin. Re-L struggles and fights to retain her sanity. 

Ep19: The Girl with Smile/Eternal Smile

Pino has to explore the strange city of Smileland and faces off against the Creator of the city. She is accompanied by NaKaMa (Al and Pull). 

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