Gravity Falls Filler List – Which Gravity Falls Episodes Are Fillers?

The Gravity Falls story revolves around twins – Mabel Pines and Dipper. They assist their Great Uncle, Stan, in running ‘The Mystery Shack,’ a tourist trap. Things are flipped entirely when Dipper uncovers an old journal. Odd creatures are not absurd anymore in Gravity Falls, Oregon.

Gravity Falls

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Here is a complete list of Gravity Falls Filler Episodes.

Season 1 

Ep2: The Legend of the Gobblewonker 

Dipper and Mabel are curious to see if the rumors of a sea monster living at the bottom of the local lake are true. Therefore, they ask Soos to bring a boat. They go on out on an adventure to find the sea monster. 

Ep3: Headhunters

The life-size wax statue is decapitated under mysterious circumstances. Mabel had sculpted the wax statue for her Great Uncle Stan’s collection. Dipper and Mable go on to investigate and attempt to reach a conclusion.

Ep6: Dipper vs. Manliness

Dipper sets out into the deep forest in the wake of learning how to be a man. In this process, he is faced with several tests and dangers that need his bravery. One such challenge is meeting a giant talking bear.  

Ep8: Irrational Treasure 

Pacifica Northwest claims that her great-grandfather founded Gravity Falls in Oregon. Dipper and Mabel aim to slam this deceitful claim and expose Pacifica Northwest.

Ep10: Fight Fighters

While Dipper is engaging in a fight with Robbie, Dipper’s favorite video game character appears and defends him from Robbie. The fight gets out of hand, and Dipper eventually realizes that he needs to save Robbie instead.

Ep12: Summerween

Summerween is a special Summer rendition of Halloween in Gravity Falls. A candy monster threatens Dipper that it will eat him if its candy allotment is not full by the day. Rather, Dipper clap backs and insults the candy monster. 

Ep13: Boss Mabel 

Uncle Stan is on holiday, and Mabel had always thought she would make a better boss and run the shack better than her great uncle. She, however, discovers that it is not as easy as it seems. 

Ep14: Bottomless Pit

Uncle Stan, Dipper, Mabel, and Soos plunge into the Bottomless Pit by accident. While they wait for help to come, they recount stories to each other of different events like the time when Dipper got a new voice. 

Ep16: Carpet Diem

Dipper and Mabel struggle while having a sleepover and agree to separate their room. They find a spare room. The room had an old carpet lying which could swap human bodies.

Ep18: Land Before Swine

Grunkle Stan ditches Waddles. Waddles is then taken away by a prehistoric creature. Grunkle Stan, old McGuckef, Dipper, and Mabel venture out to save Waddles from the creature.

Season 2

Ep3: The Golf War

Mabel challenges Pacifica Northwest to a mini golf-off because she has been humiliated too many times by Pacifica. The Golf-war turns out to be a disaster when their residents attempt to help them. 

Ep5: Soos and the Real Girl

Soos’ cousin Reggie is getting engaged. Soos needs a date for the engagement party. He resolves to a dating simulator game which he believes will enable him to communicate with girls.

Ep6: Little Gift Shop of Horrors

Waddles devour a bowl of jelly and invent a machine that helps him to speak. Grunkle Stan is cursed by a witch. 

Ep9: The Love God

In order to achieve her matchmaking duties, Mabel seizes a love potion from a real love god. She believes that the love potion would enhance her matchmaking skills.

Ep13: Dungeons, Dungeons & More Dungeons

Dipper grows obsessed with a board game called Dungeons, Dungeons & More Dungeons. His new obsession leads him to befriend an absurd entity just to join him in playing the new board game.

Ep16: Roadside Attraction

Dipper and great uncle Stan goes on a road trip. Grunkle Stan’s purpose of the road trip is to wreck every tourist trap in Oregon. However, Stan seems to be enjoying more as he goes on to flirt with girls while on their way.

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