Eyeshield 21 Filler List – Which Eyeshield 21 Episodes Are Fillers?

Eyeshield 21 is based on the sports manga written by Riichiro Inagaki. Sena Kobayakawa is a star American football player, although it was not what he chose to do in the first place. He plays under the pseudonym Eyeshield 21 to protect his identity from the rival team recruiters. 

Eyeshield 21

List of Eyeshield 21 Filler Episodes:

Ep15: Find Eyeshield

Hiruma sends Deimon students and his Zokigaku slaves on a quest to find the real identity of Eyeshield 21. The quest fails, and consequently, the period of slavery for Hibashira and the others is extended for three more months. 

Ep16: Farewell Kurita

Kurita is wrongly accused of property destruction, but he is redeemed by two American girls who claim that they are witnesses. However, the girls were sent by Hiruma. 

Ep22: A Mysterious Girl Appears

Taki Suzuna challenges Eyeshield 21 into a race. With Sena’s reputation at stake, he accepts. The race ends with Suzuna jumping into the forest below the hill. 

Ep27: Take Back Cerberus

Hiruma takes his dog Cerberus to a boot camp. A little girl mistakes Cerberus for her stuffed toy and places him in a suitcase. Sena and his other teammates have to find Cerberus before Hiruma knows about his dog. 

Ep28: American Football Downtown!

Sena and Monta get an opportunity to play at the football field where Panther learned to play. After the match, a woman goes into labor. Sena is faced with the need to get the doctor who is at the beach. 

Ep39: The Road to the Christmas Bowl

Recap of the past 38 episodes. Also, Sena tells Suzuna that he will unravel his identity once he is stronger and defeats his nemesis Shin Seijuro. 

Ep45: The sealed ghost

The Samurai Warriors and Shuei Elephants are training together. Some of the players of Samurai Warriors board the wrong bus. Sena saves the game only to trigger his opponents’ curiosity about the Devil Bat Ghost-run.

Ep46: Ghost vs. Spear

In a corporation league game, Sena meets his rival Shin. Shin does not hold back and leads the game. Monta, Komusubi, and the Ha-Ha brothers encourage Sena to use the Devil Bat Ghost that was forbidden by Hiruma.

Ep66: Seine Sprinter  

Sena helps Ishimaru’s athletic club bag in the first place. 

Ep74: A Pact Between Rivals 

Riku and Sena make a pact that Sena would remove his eyeshield by the time of the Kanto Tournament.

Ep78: The One That Waits Previously 

Sena trains by the riverside but catches a cold instead. He misses half of the Ojo versus Gunmen game. Nevertheless, Sena manages to make it for the game. Sena finally asserts his passion for football.

Ep88: Deimon’s Halftime Show

Interweaved with chibi shorts and tit-bits of stories about different players. 

Ep89: Opening! The Cream Puff Cup

The Deimon Devil Bats represents the Asia continent at the Cream Puff Tournament. Northern Light Blizzards representing Europe and Russia wins against the NASA Shuttles of America.

Ep90: A New Test

The Deimon Devil Bats, along with Panther, play a game against a rival neighborhood football team. Panther recuperates his broken love for football.

Ep91: Fight Spirit! The Deadly Climb

In order to defeat Ivan and his massive tackle, Sena joins a wrestling training.  

Ep92: The Texan Farm Of The Three Brothers 

While Sena takes up wrestling, the Huh-Huh brothers train themselves for the Crème Puff Cup by practicing with a bull. 

Ep93: Cry Of Friendship 

The Devil Bats appear victorious against the Savannah Survivors of Africa. Homer, Panther, are encouraged from seeing the Devil Bats practice. 

Ep94: The Secret Weapon in White Silver

In a match against the Blizzards, the Devil Bats lead by 17-0. Unfortunately, after the first half of the game, the Blizzards device their secret weapon in order to harm Sena.

Ep95: Destroy The Blizzard Wall 

Their Snowstorm Tackle knocks out Sena. While the Blizzards lead by 21 points, Sena gains consciousness and manages to beat the Snowstorm Tackle. Sena gets a touchdown leading the Devil Bats into victory.

Ep96: Now! To The Great Meeting Of Kanto 

This episode is only a recap of the Fall Tournament.

Ep97: Goodbye, Onihei 

Against the Hashiratani Deers, Kurita is faced with the challenge to oppose his long-term hero Onihei.

Ep98: The Chameleon’s Counterattack

The 1st years of Deimon students in the Death Game attempt to defeat the Chameleons.

Ep99: It’s the Deimon College Festival

In the Deimon College Festival, the Bat Devils team divides themselves into three groups. Sena enjoys the festival and is no more treated as a mundane runner.

Ep100: The Invisible Chain

Sena gets lost in the forest where the Ojo White Knights are training. Shin saves Sena from a bear. Shin also helps relax Sena and encourages him to practice more to gain confidence while using his skills.

Ep120: Super Armoured! Dinosaurs!

The Deimon students go to the stadium to watch the Hakushu Dinosaurs versus the Taiyo Sphinx game. Gao from the Hakushu Dinosaurs leads the team into a dramatic win from 0-21 to 28-21. 

Ep121: Battlefield of the Wolves 

Before the game, Kamiya Taiga from Misaki Wolves challenges Sena. Riku feels insulted and loses his cool. 

Ep122: Rodeo Drive Stampede

Seibu Wild Gunmen wins against the Misaki Wolves by 21-48. Thanks to Riku’s newly learned and perfected technique, Rodeo Drive Stampede.

Ep124: Supreme Lance

The Oho White Knights win by 42-0 against the Sado Strong Golems. Shin’s Trident Tackle and Spear Tackle bring the victory. Meanwhile, Hiruma’s father leaves Japan which leaves Hiruma devastated. 

Ep126: Promise to Ace 

Sakuraba tells Torakichi that he can never be the ace of Ojo until he is better than Shin. He also tells the kid that this is the reason why he trains so much. 

Ep128: The Devil Vs. The Man With The Speed Of Light

Hiruma and Sena train together. While Hiruma has a 96% accuracy of his pass, Sena discovers that his runs are too modest. 

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