Rebels Filler List

Star Wars Rebels is a 3D animated sci-fi show based on the Star Wars Galaxy a few years before the actual Star Wars trilogy began.

The television series features some of the original characters from the main trilogy and its preceding series, The Clone Wars. 

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List of filler episodes in Star Wars – Rebels:

Season 1

Episode 3 – Droids in Distress

The rebels capture a shipment of weapons expected for the Empire and unintentionally wind up facilitating a couple of droids. A group of TIE fighters and a Star Destroyer chase the Ghost, escaping from a fresh failed robbery.

Episode 4 – Fighter Flight

Hera asks Zeb and Ezra to run an errand; however, they pull a notorious trick and end up stealing a TIE warrior.

Episode 7 – Out of the Darkness

While onboard the Phantom, Ezra, Sabine and Hera were trying to escape from a unit of TIE Fighters after attacking an Imperial fleet. Hera used all her fighting abilities to dodge the enemies, destroying each of them one by one. 

Episode 11 – Idiot’s Array 

After GarazebOrrelios loses a sabacc bet to the dealer and gambler, the team of the Ghost works for Lando Calrissian. Calrissian utilizes the group to his own benefit and starts mining work at Lothal.

Season 2 

Episode 6 – Brothers of the Broken Horn

Sabine Wren collaborates with an old friend turned enemy (an individual Mandalorian), KetsuOnyo. The Rebels took down Death Star in Return of The Jedi. But the killing blow wasn’t what made Luke Skywalker’s triumph.

Episode 7 – Wings of the Master

Hera searches for an expert designer who has constructed an amazing new starfighter model as the rebels are in urgent need of a ship with substantial weaponry. Hera earns his trust and finishes a practice run.

Episode 8 – Blood Sisters

Sabine and Ezra are sent on a mission to meet a messenger with secret information but end up in an encounter with a person from her past – KetsuOnyo, a bounty hunter. 

Episode 9 – Stealth Strike

Another Imperial ship captures Commander Sato, his crew, and Ezra, compelling Rex and Kanan to go as stormtroopers and free the rebels. They set their disparities to the side to save their companions.

Episode 12 – A Princess on Lothal

While Ezra wrestles with the report about his folks, the rebels make arrangements with Senator Bail Organa to get three genuinely necessary cruisers. Driving the mission is a specialist hand-picked by the Senator: his daughter, Leia.

Episode 14 – Legends of Last

Credit to the intel from the space privateer Hondo, the Ghost crew salvage two Lasat from Imperial rule. These survivors trust Zeb is the way into a prediction that will prompt another home for their sort – yet Zeb, tangled and embarrassed about his inability to save Lasan, has little confidence.

Episode 16 – Homecoming

The Ghost crew unites with Cham Syndulla, Clone Wars legend, and father of Hera. However, it is doubtful whether his hunger for retribution – and cracked relationship with his little girl, cost the rebels a triumph.  

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Season 3

Episode 3 – The Holocrons of Fate

Ezra and Kanan were headed to see one of their space ships but found that it was in a horribly damaged state, looking like it had been purposely attacked. While onboard, Ezra and Kanan found the remaining parts of what resembled a major battle.

Episode 4 – The Antilles Extraction

Since the rebellions are in urgent need of pilots, Sabine disguises herself as an Imperial cadet to enroll defectors – including the skilled and confident Wedge Antilles. When Pryce frightens to torment Wedge, Sabine discloses that she is the Rebel agent.

Episode 5 – Hera’s Heroes

When the Empire captures Hera’s home, she decides to retrieve her family legacy. However, there is another Imperial administrator named Grand Admiral Thrawn awaiting. 

Episode 6 – The Last Battle

In the quest for arms and gunnery, Captain Rex carries the rebellions to an old deserted base from the Clone Wars. They rapidly find that they’re in good company, notwithstanding, and should indeed confront foes from an earlier time.

Episode 8 – Iron Squadron

Shipped off to empty the excess civilians on the assaulted planet Mykapo, the Rebels discover Mart Mattin driving a gathering of three youngsters into the fight on what Zeb calls “a ship full with Ezras.”

Episode 9 – The Wykanthu Job

The nominal Wynkahthu work is an Imperial cargo transport gradually being maneuvered into a planet’s turbulent air, evidently, solo. Hondo offers it and the bombs it conveys to the Rebellion in return for other significant cargo onboard.

Episode 11 – Visions and Voices

Kanan reveals to Ezra that he confides in him, even as he trains Sabine to covertly follow the kid. Maul asks Ezra to particulate in a two-man custom to unwind the mixed dreams they witnessed in the Holocrons, yet doesn’t disclose to Ezra the entire story.

Episode 12 & 13 – Ghosts of Geonosis

This is a two-part episode. After the legendary and mythical Saw Gerrera and his rebel group disappear on Geonosis, the Ghost team is sent in to make inquiries.

Episode 14 – Warhead

The Empire sends off a string of test ships across the world to find the Rebel’s headquarters. One of them showed up on Atollon, and after it acquired some sort of formalities, droid rose up out of it.

Episode 17 – Through Imperial Eyes

Following the incident when stormtroopers toss Ezra into a cell, Kallus advises them to leave him to grill in prison alone. He utilizes his code chamber to turn off the surveillance cameras in the prison cell. 

Episode 19 – Double Agent Droid

Zeb and Ezra joke about Hera shipping off Wedge, AP-5, and Chopper on a mysterious mission to acquire codes expected to pull off a possible attack on Lothal. The trio has been shipped off from the Imperial Security Bureau. 

Episode 20 – Twin Suns

Lost in the abandoned universe of Tatooine, Maul was looking for Obi-Wan Kenobi. To add to the frustration, his odds of discovering him appeared to be sad; however, his staggering craving for retribution kept him going on. 

Season 4

Episode 1 & 2 – Heroes of Mandalore

The Jedi and the Mandalorians, headed by Sabine Wren, were trying to protect Sabine’s dad, Alrich Wren, who was imprisoned in an Imperial Outpost on Mandalore. When the attack begins, Clan Wren and the Jedi zoom towards the prison with their jetpacks. 

Episode 3 & 4 – In the Name of the Rebellion 

The first episode is the return of Saw Gerrera, who is resolved to uncover an Imperial mystery regardless of the expense. In the second episode, Rogue One associations get significantly more grounded with the presence of death troopers leader Jennifer Hale.

Episode 8 – Crawler Commandoes

Frantic to contact Rebel order, the Ghost team steals a mining vehicle with long-reach transmission gear. However, the Empire shows up to ruin their arrangements.