Legend of Korra Filler List

The Legend of Korra is also acknowledged as Avatar: The Legend of Korra, is an American animation series which is a sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The lead protagonist is Korra, the Avatar, an impetuous young woman ready to face the world.

The series represents Korra’s challenges and responsibilities as she goes on the path of becoming the Avatar. Legend of Korra consists of 52 episodes and went off the air in December 2014.

Lists of Legend of Korra Filler Episodes:

Season 1

Ep4: The Voice in The Night 

Both Bolin and Mako fight with the objective of idealistic vs. passionate relationships. Korra joins Councilman Tarrlok’s group.

Ep5: The Spirit of Competition 

The Fire Ferrets advance in the pro-bending competition while a love triangle blossoms within Mako, Korra, and Asama. Korra agrees on a date with Bolin.

Season 2

Ep5: Peace Keepers 

Varrick tells Bolin about an upcoming assembly with the President of the United Forces. Unalaq visits a war counselor regarding the hideout of Tonraq and the insurgents. 

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Ep6: The Sting 

The Water Tribe representatives from Varrick’s group bombs a boat. Bolin’s team makes a film.

Ep7: Beginnings: Part 1

Vaatu tells Wan that his human friends are dead. Wan uses his Big Cat spirit to find Vaatu.

Ep8: Beginnings: Part 2

To reinstate the equilibrium of both spirit and physical worlds, Korra explores the Avatar’s past and finds the answer.

Season 3

Ep6: Old Wounds 

Suyin and Lin work on their family issues. Korra exercises metal bending.

Ep7: Original Airbenders 

Despite facing Bumi’s poor attitude, Tenzin attempts to mentor the new comrades of the Air Nation. 

Ep9: The Stakeout 

Korra discovers Zaheer’s intentions while looking for Aiwei. Zaheer’s team and The Earth Queen are after Team Avatar.

Season 4

Ep2: Korra Alone 

Korra faces difficulties with PTSD caused by metal poisoning. Tenzin and the rest notice that Korra is missing.

Ep8: Remembrances

Wu began his banishment with Mako’s family. Mako narrates to Wu about him and Korra.