Steven Universe Filler List

Steven Universe is an animated show about a half gem half-human boy called Steven Universe.

Along with other alien gemstone warriors – Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst, Steven defends humanity from monsters in his ancient beachside town. 

Wondering where to watch Steven Universe? CrunchyRoll and VRV are two of the most popular streaming services for anime. However, they both have their own pros and cons.

CrunchyRoll is cheaper than VRV, but it does not have as many dubbed shows. Hulu is more expensive than CrunchyRoll, but it has a wider selection of dubbed shows.

If you mainly want to watch dubbed anime, then Hulu would be a better choice.

List of Steven Universe filler episodes:

Season 1

Episode 5: Frybo

Introduction of the Peedee Fryman and his family. Steven’s pants go missing, only to find out later that a magical gem shard transforms clothes into living entities. 

Episode 9: Tiger Millionaire

Steven finds out that Amethyst secretly participates in wrestling matches while following her into a wrestling ring. Amethyst and Steven become a tag team and defeat many opponents until Pearl and Garnet find out about their secret one night. 

Episode 11: Arcade Mania

After successfully defeating Blue Chalcedony, Steven takes the Gems to a gaming arcade to celebrate their victory. Garnet gets addicted to the game Meat Beat Mania to the point that she can’t hear Steven’s call for help. 

Episode 14: Lars and the Cool Kids

Steven and Lars become friends with the cool kids of the town – Jenny, Buck, and Sour Cream. Despite Steven’s several attempts to discourage them, the group embarks on an adventure to a dangerous lagoon which the Gems had earlier isolated. 

Episode 15: Onion Trade

Steven loses his “Ranger Guy” toy that his father Grey got him last summer. Onion and Steven’s toy trade get over the roof when Onion starts replicating toys with a Replicator Wand. 

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Episode 18: Beach Party

Nanefua’s debut and introduction of the Pizza family, another important family in the Beach City. The Crystal Gems end up destroying Kofi’s Pizza shop while fighting off a pufferfish on the beach. 

Episode 21: Joking Victim

Steven steps forward to help Sadie at the Big Donut when Lars slips on a mess and hurts his back. Steven gets a full training on Lars’ job, and he, along with Sadie, decides to prank Lars, saying he has been replaced. 

Episode 30: Island Adventure

This episode is a continuation of Lars and Sadie’s adorable relationship shown in Joking Victim. Steven takes Sadie and Lars to Mask Island to strengthen Lars and Sadie’s bond, but they end up being stranded there. 

Episode 31: Keep Beach City Weird

Steven joins Ronaldo on his quest to investigate paranormal activities that he thinks exist in Beach City. Ronaldo conducts his conspiracy theories at the top of the lighthouse, where he tells Steven that his theories are about snake people. 

Episode 33: Garnet’s Universe

This episode is merely about Stephen imagining how a day in Garnet’s life looks like. In his imagination, Garnet warps herself into a fantasy world where she is bombed by masked figures Hopper and Hoppy. 

Episode 41: Horror Club

Steven, Sadie, and Lars decide to go for a spooky movie party hosted by Ronaldo at the lighthouse. Feeling the presence of a mysterious entity, the group decides to communicate with it but ends up experiencing horror activities inside the lighthouse. 

Episode 47: Shirt Club

Steven draws an advertising flyer for Greg’s guitar classes which gives Buck an idea to transform them into t-shirts. Buck and Steven deliver the t-shirts to the entire population of Beach City, who found the t-shirts hilarious but with no actual turn-ups for the actual guitar classes. 

Season 2

Episode 55: Say Uncle

A distant relative of Steven’s mother, Rose Quartz, comes to his rescue when he struggles to summon his mother’s gem weapon. The Gems find this relative of Steven a threatening entity to space, and so they attack him, but he escapes with Steven through a plot hole. 

Episode 59: Rising Tides, Crashing Skies

Ronaldo goes on an investigating spree to accuse the Gems of bringing danger to Beach City, stating that all the monsters are attracted to the Gems and Steven. The Gems decide to leave the city after trying hard to defend themselves against Ronaldo’s accusations.

Episode 62: Chille Tid

Steven organizes a slumber party at the beach house for the Gems. While asleep, Steven gets multiple nightmares of the Gems and Lapis, which terrifies him. 

Episode 65: Onion Friend

One day Steven chases Onion to his house only to find out Onion has portraits of Amethyst all over his garage and other bizarre stuff that leave Steven and Amethyst appalled. At Onion’s house, Amethyst reunites with Vidalia, a long-lost friend who she had met through Greg. 

Episode 69: Sadie’s Song

There’s an upcoming event called Beach-a-Palooza at Beach City in which Steven encourages Sadie to participate after he finds out that she can sing. Steven helps her put up a show during the event, but everything gets messed up. 

Episode 70: Catch and Release

Peridot takes Steven to the Galaxy Warp and asks him to fix the Homeworld warp like he fixed Lapis Lazuli’s Gem, but he fails to fix it. The Gems warp to the Galaxy to fight Peridot and reunite with Steven, but Peridot tries to escape. 

Episode 72: Back to the Barn

The Crystal Gems, Peridot, and Steven go to the barn to build a robot. At the barn, Peridot and Pearl end up disagreeing on who will give orders and who will receive, resulting in both of them building two different robots. 

Episode 75: Steven’s Birthday

The Gems start setting up a party for Steven’s birthday, inflating balloons tying them up with ribbons. Everyone celebrates Steven’s progress and how he has grown a lot in the last 14 years.

Episode 77: Message Received

As Steven’s suspicions of Peridot stealing the Diamond from the Moon Base increases, he traps her inside a car and takes it away from her to find out what the object is significant for. The Crystal gems find out about Peridot’s secret plans using the Diamond as a communicator. 

Season 3 

Episode 83: Hit the Diamond

A bunch of Homeworld Rubies appears from the tracking vessel of the Roaming Eye. Lapis has a doubt that Peridot has been hunted down by Yellow Diamond, but the Gems reassure her that they will protect her at any cost. 

Episode 84: Steven Floats

The Crystal Gems rejoice after their return from an exhausting adventure they had. Steven is so excited about coming back home that he would not stop jumping until he ends up floating in the sky. 

Episode 88: The New Lars

Steven is trying to help Lars develop feelings for Sadie, but Lars seems disinterested. Sadie asks Lars if he would like to hang out with her since they were closing the shop earlier than other days, but Lars finds it boring, which upsets Sadie. 

Episode 91: Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service

When Steven incidentally extends himself into Kiki’s fantasies and saves her from a gigantic pizza monster, she requests that he help her out with what ends up being a daily stressful dream. 

Episode 97: Steven vs. Amethyst

Amethyst feels down because of what Jasper told her during their fight. Seeing Steven train with Pearl, Amethyst joins them, leading up to several competitions between Steven and Amethyst. 

Episode 98 & 99: Bismuth

Steven accidentally discovers another Gem inside Lion’s mane and tells Amethyst, Garnet, and Pearl about it. They decide to help the Gem come out, and once they did it, they find out a shocking fact about the new Gem. 

Episode 102: Back to the Moon

The Rubies come back to Earth looking for Jasper and demand his location, but the Gems trick them again with Amethyst shapeshifting as Jasper. They revisit the Moon Base to file a report and tell Yellow Diamond that Jasper wishes to live on Earth. 

Episode 103: Bubbled

Steven is stuck in a bubble and gets drifted far away from Earth and the Moon Base. He comes in contact with Eyeball, who is furious about the Crystal Gems tricking their crew again and getting them to space with no sign of return. 

Season 4 

Episode 104: Kindergarten Kid

The Crystal gems fight hard to capture the Corrupted Gems imprisoned around Beta Kindergarten. The wicked gems outsmart the Crystal Gems and Peridot with many tactics, after which Peridot comes up with a bigger plan to fight them.  

Episode 110: Onion Gang 

Onion takes Steven to a secret place, past his house, and into the woods where Steven discovers about Onion’s secret friends. They explore the town riding in a soapbox car and playing games. 

Episode 125: Doug Out

Doug Maheswaran sees Steven and Connie sitting on a bench outside Beach Citywalk Fries and invites them to join him on a “stakeout.” The three investigate mysterious activities all through the night at Funland. 

Season 5

Episode 134: Gemcation

Connie’s no response to Steven’s texts and calls make him anxious and depressed, so the Gems and Greg decide to take Steven on a weekend vacation. However, Steven keeps obsessing over Connie’s not texting him back and thinking she has broken her ties with him. 

Episode 138: Kevin Party

Kevin repeatedly invites Steven to his party, and Steven reluctantly agrees to the invitation. At the party, Steven is shocked to finally see Lion; she is socializing with a bunch of people sporting a short haircut. 

Episode 144: Letters to Lars

While traveling through space, Lars finds letters from Steven where he writes how Beach City has changed since Lars left. The Big Donut has remained closed indefinitely with Sadie on tour with the Suspects and Sadie Killer.