Conan Filler List

Case Closed, popularly known as Detective Conan, follows an investigation into the Black Organization, where detective Shinichi Kudo was held captive.

He was forced to have an experimental pill that turned him into a child instead. Under the pseudonym, Conan Edogawa continues the investigation.

Here is a the complete Conan filler list:

Season 1

Episode 6: valentine Murder case

The host of a party, Katsuhiko, dies of poison.

Episode 14: The Mysterious Message shooting case

Conan and the Detective Boys see a sniper held at gunpoint by three men.

Episode 17: The case of the Hi-jacked Department store

Along with the Detective Boys, Kenta went back to the store to retrieve an autographto find themselves involved in a robbery case. 

Episode 19: An Elevator Murder Case

Ran is all excited to be a model for a top designer but what entails was the death of a young lady. 

Episode 21: On Location, TV Drama Murder Case

MorioAnzai, a cameraman, was found murdered at the shrine with a dying message.

Episode 24: The Mysterious Woman with Amnesia Case

A series of misfortunes follow Kogoro; a beautiful lady crashes in his arms. Intriguingly, the lady seems to remember only her name. 

Episode 25: The False Kidnapping and Hostage Case

Naoko Takei, a girl, was kidnapped and embroiled in a chase that led to the unfortunate death of her and the kidnapper.

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Episode 26: Pet Dog John Murder Case

MasayoshiSakaguchi’s dog John attacked and killed Takeshi Maehara. 

Season 2

Episode 29: Computer Murder Case

Okidata, president of a software company, dies of a heart attack, which Conan finds somewhat mysterious and shady.

Episode 30: Alibi Testimony Murder Case

Another strange case for Conan! He has to solve the murder of an attorney’s wife.

Episode 33: Detective Boys Survival Case

A series of uncalled incidents befall the Detective boys.

Episode 36: Monday Night 7:30 PM Murder Case

Sawaki Yoko, a dentist, is under suspicion for the murder of real estate manager Nakamoto. 

Episode 37: Cactus’s Flower Case

When Noriko came seeking Kogoro’s help to find her ex-boyfriend, it all seems like a normal case. But as the case unravels, he finds the romance is of least concern. 

Episode 41: Victory Flag Tearing Case

It all started as a fun baseball game with two schools vying for the championship.

Episode 44: Three Hotta Siblings Murder Case

Conan, Kogoro, and Ran found themselves embroiled ina murder case of industrialist KosakuHotta. 

Episode 45: Facial Mask Murder Case

Ikuko Kojima was found murdered wearing a weird face mask.

Episode 47: Sports Club Murder Case

Bitter rivalry and jealousy led to the dead of reigning champion SaijoNaoya. 

Episode 51: The Golf Driving Range Murder Case

Following the untimely death of a president, Conan, Ran, and Kogoro’s relaxation time was cut off. 

Episode 53: The Mystery Weapon Murder Case

As Kogoro, Conan, and Ran stood examining a wounded bird; they heard a scream from the next building. They rushed only to find ImotoRyuusuke, a businessman dead on his balcony.

Season 3

Episode 55: The Train Trick Murder Case

Conan, Kogoro, and Ran yet encountered another strange case while they were going back home from a hot spring 

Episode 56: The Ojamanbou Murder Case

Conan, Kogoro, and Ran were out jogging when they foundthe president of Ojamanbou cleaning company dead near the alleyway. 

Episode 59: The First Errand Murder Case

Another case occurs upon the Detective Boys, where they have to find an unknown killer to protect a young boy.

Episode 61: A Ghost Ship Murder Case (Part 1)

Kogoro was to give a speech about a ghost ship, but misfortunes befall him.

Episode 62: A Ghost Ship Murder Case (Part 2)

Conan is now working diligently to find the killer of the lighthouse caretaker.

Episode 64: The Third Fingerprint Murder Case

An old friend of Kogoro is under suspicion for a murder case.

Episode 65: A Crab and whale Kidnapping Case

Keigo Endo discovers a note which says that his son was kidnapped. Conan comes to his rescue!

Episode 66: Night Road Murder Case

Kogoro met an old friend named Jun Omura who requested him to look upon a banging noise. What unravels is a series of twist and turn that Conan has to piece it together.

Episode 67: Stage Actress Murder Case

Conan and Ran tagged along with Kogoro to a theatre to solve a threat note sent to an actress.

Episode 71: A Stalker’s Murder Case

Conan, Ran, and Kogoro found a man lying on the floor struggling, which instantly led to his death. Later, they found out that he was a stalker.

Episode 73: The Detective Boys’ Disaster Case

The Mouri family and the Detective Boys went to a water park where they met a weird lady. Later, some kids sent an SOS signal to find the lady who was found drowned. 

Episode 74: The Death God Jinnai Murder Case

At the movie premiere of Jinnai, the lead actor receives a death threat. He appears and heads towards the actor’s room and kills himself just like in the movie.

Episode 79: The Bank Heist Murder Case

An armed robbery occurred in a bank when Conan, Ran, and Kogoro were heading towards to withdraw cash. 

Episode 80: The Wandering Artist Murder Case

Conan twice encounters a man at a painting exhibition and during a baseball game. Later, he found that he has amnesia and had run away from the hospital just to find the man dead. 

Season 4

Episode 83: General Hospital Murder Case

While Kogoro was at a hospital for treatment, he encounters a murder which his doctor dismisses.

Episode 87: The Crane’s Reciprocation Murder Case

The caretaker of the red-crowned cranes was found dead, which leads to a series of suspects and findings.

Episode 88: Dracula’s Villa Murder Case (Part 1)

A renowned horror novelist hires Kogoro to investigate his wife, as he suspects her of having an affair. 

Episode 89: Dracula’s Villa Murder Case (Part 2)

Kogorodelves into the events before the death of the novelist. Conan finds various clues that eventually lead to finding the murderer. 

Episode 90: The Flower Scent Murder Case 

Kogorogot invited to a ceremony to investigate a threat letter about an occurrence of murder at a hotel. 

Episode 92: The Fearful Traversing Murder Case (Part 1)

The hunt for an assassin named The Fox started when a person mistook ulcer as cancer. 

Episode 93: The Fearful Traversing Murder Case (Part 2)

Conan, Kogoro, and Ran continue investigating the case, eventually finding the assassin after a whirlwind of investigation. 

Episode 94: Snow Woman Legend Murder Case

As Conan, Ran, and Kogoro stayed in an inn; they got to meet an actress who suddenly went missing. 

Episode 95: Kogoro’s Date Murder Case

When Kogoro and his friend return home from a ride, his friend’s roommate was found murdered in her place. 

Episode 97: The Farewell Wine Murder Case

One of the daughters of an industrialist is charged for the murder of his dad, but Conan thinks there is more to it.

Episode 106: Scoop Picture Murder Case

A photographer won prestigious photography but was short-lived when a reporter blows powder in his face. 

Season 5

Episode 107: The Mysterious Mole Alien Case (Part 1)

An actor request Kogoro to help him find his sister, who he believed was killed and buried somewhere. 

Episode 108: The Mysterious Mole Alien Case (Part 2)

 The brother successfully buried the stolen jewels in the suspect yard, which allows the police to excavate, but found nothing. 

Episode 109: Detective Club Pursuit Case

Ayumi got hit by a speeding car that passed a factory, but the culprit turns himself in. 

Episode 111: Cooking Classroom Murder Case (Part 1)

Suddenly there was a blackout in the French cuisine class, and they find out that the teacher was stabbed to death.

Episode 112: Cooking Classroom Murder Case (Part 2)

Conan further investigated, which narrows down to four suspects he believed has a different motive.

Episode 119: Masked Yaiba Murder Case 

A case of murder and suicide occurs at a Masked Yabai event party. 

Episode 120: A Honey Cocktail Murder Case 

Kogoro’s client falls from the second floor that’s term accidental. 

Episode 123: The Weather Girl Kidnapping Case

A weather girl for the local news is kidnapped, and the Detective Boys took up the case.

Episode 124: A Mysterious Sniper Murder Case (Part 1)

During a banquet, a minister was shot dead while the shooter escaped but found murdered eventually. 

Episode 125:A Mysterious Sniper Murder Case (Part 2)

After the incident, Conan is keen to find the clues, eventually leading to a more shocking revelation.

Episode 126: The Travelling Drama Troupe Murder Case (Part 1)

 The scriptwriter of a drama was found dead, bearing no suspects as the troupe was all together practicing.

Episode 127: The Travelling Drama Troupe Murder Case (Part 2)

Conan has his suspicion on Tamanosuke and attacked him. Later, the treasurer of the troupe was also found dead.

Season 6

Episode 135: The Disappearing Weapon Case

The Detective Boys accompanies Ayumi to her barber for a haircut, only find her dead through strangulation. 

Episode 140: SOS! Message from Ayumi

A burglar got into the house of Ayumi. 

Episode 143: The Suspicious Astronomical Observation

Ran, Conan, and Sonoko went to an observatory to watch stars where a person fell from the Observatory. 

Episode 148: The Sudden Street Car Stopping Case 

Conan and the Detective Boys woke up early to get an early pass to a rollercoaster ride. 

Episode 149: The Bungee Jumping Case

A Yaiba did a bungee jump only to find the cord burns that eventually causes his death. 

Episode 151: The Truth of the Exploding Car Case (Part 2)

Kogoro happens to solve the case, but Conan tries to explain that there is more than that. 

Episode 152: The Mysterious Old Man Disappearing Case 

Sonoko has been kidnapped, and Conan tries to find her and an old man.

Episode 155: The Key in the Water Room Locked Case

When an old lady takes Kogoro, Ran, and Conan to meet her grandson, he was found dead.

Episode 158: The Silent Ring Line

After boarding the train, one person from a group of colleagues was found dead on the train.

Episode 159: Bizarre! The Legend of the Five storied Pagoda (Part 1)

Ran, Kogoro, and Conan visited the five-storied Pagoda and met the manager that eventually committed suicide. 

Episode 160: Bizarre! The Legend of the Five storied Pagoda (Part 2)

Conan further delves into the case and finds the clues before the police report it as a suicide case.

Episode 161: The Murder Floating in Ryusuitei

Conan, Kogoro, and Ran were dining in a fancy Japanese restaurant when a murder occurs. 

Season 7

Episode 165: The Disappearing Detective Boys Case

Mitsuhiko meets a serial killer.

Episode 169: Venus’ Kiss

Kogoro went to an aquarium through an invitation where a woman’s dead body rises during the play.

Episode 175: The Man Who Was Killed Four Times

Kogoro was called to investigate the murder of a man, of which the three suspects admitted to hitting the man. 

Episode 179: The Coffee Shop Truck’s Wild Entrance Case

Conan was out with his boys, and across them, two men were having a conversation. Suddenly, a truck sped into the café and smashed one of them.

Episode 180: The Nocturne of Red Murderous Intent (Part 1)

Yoshinori Kana invites Kogoro into his home to investigate a stalker that harasses his wife by leaving weird gifts.

Episode 181: The Nocturne of Red Murderous Intent (Part 2)

Conan was able to solve the case after much deliberation. 

Episode 182: The Big Investigation of the Nine Doors

The Detective Boys were walking home when they saw two S-shaped hooks and a ring, like an SOS alarm.

Episode 183: A Dangerous Recipe

The Detective Boys come across a weird receipt that made them investigate. 

Episode 184: A Cursed Masked Coldly Laughs

The hostess of a charity gets murdered.

Episode 185: The Murdered Famous Detective (Part 1)

An arrow almost hits Kogoro when he was driving along with Conan and Ran. 

Episode 186: The Murdered Famous Detective (Part 2)

Conan was able to solve the case by further revealing the culprit’s intention to create fake evidence. 

Episode 187: The Mysterious Gun Rings in the Dark

Kogoro’s client’s mother was found dead, leaving three suspects. 

Season 8

Episode 196: The Invisible Weapon, Ran’s First Investigation

Sonoko and Ran met Chie’s husband that gave Ran a bad feeling about the husband’s character. 

Episode 197: The Super Car’s Trap (Part 1)

The owner of a car show was found dead in his car due to inhalation of carbon monoxide.

Episode 198: The Super Car’s Trap (Part 2)

Conan finds the culprit who killed the owner!

Episode 201: The Tenth Passenger (Part 1)

Korogo, Conan, and Ran were doing a bus tour in a small village when a man died in front of them. 

Episode 202: The Tenth Passenger (Part 2)

Conan further proceeds into the investigation and finds out Yabe is the culprit. 

Episode 203: The Black Wing Icarus (Part 1)

An actress causes trouble, and the next day in her room, she was found dead.

Episode 204: The Black Wing Icarus (Part 2)

Conan begins to investigate the crime scene and finds that it was a murder case.

Episode 207: The Deduction That Was Too Good

Ran and Conan picked Kogoro from a bar, and on the way, they heard a fight in the apartment. However, a murder occurs in the same apartment the next day.

Episode 208:  The Entrance to the Maze: The Anger of Colossus

Ran, Conan, and Korgoro were invited to the inaugural ropeway built along with a giant Goddess. 

Episode 209: The Falling from Mt. Ryushin Case

The Detective Boys traveled through Tsuzuraori pass in Mt. Ryushin, where a car fell off the mountain.

Episode 210: The Water Palace of 5 Colors (Part 1)

A headmaster was found dead in the tea room, just like the urban legend.

Episode 211: The Water Palace of 5 Colors (Part 2)

Conan investigates the case to break all the myths and to find the real culprit.

Episode 214: The Mysterious Retro Room Case

Kogoro, Ran, and Conan enjoyed a Dolphin show when a woman was found murdered in the hotel room.

Episode 215: The Bay of Revenge (Part 1)

Kogoro, Ran, and Conan were on a trip to Chiba, where the car breaks. They meet a lawyer at a house nearby.

Episode 216: The Bay of Revenge (Part 2)

With the death of the lawyer and the old client, Conan was sure that it was planned murder and finds clues. 

Season 9

Episode 225: The Secret of the High Sales

Rintaro, a boy, hires the Detective Boys to look into a guy named Yuji.

Episode 232: The Apartment Degradation Case

Kogoro agrees to help a client name Mitsuo who was receiving threatening letters and calls. 

Episode 235: The Locked Wine Cellar

  Wine tasting challenge ensuing the death of a president.

Episode 236: The Nanki Beach Mystery (Part 1)

Kogoro, Ran, and Conan were on a vacation where they meet a group of college students.

Episode 237: The Nanki Beach Mystery (Part 2)

Conan investigates the case and finds out the real culprit after a lot of diligent searching for clues and proofs.

Episode 245: The Gun Shot in the Sunflower Building

Ryuichiro Kanazawa invites Kogoro to the Sunflower building to find a stalker, whom he believes is eyeing his every movement. 

Episode 248: The Alibi of the Soothing Forest

Conan, Ran, and Kogoro were sightseeing in a village when they heard about the murder of the village head. 

Episode 251: The Tragedy at the OK Corral

Kogorotakes Conan and Ran to an OK Corral Ranch when one of the horses gets spooked.

Episode 252: The Kidnapper in the Picture

The Detective Boys and Conan find a case of kidnapping and try to solve the case.

Season 10

Episode 255: The 14th Round of the Matsue Tamatsukuri Verse Contest (Part 1)

Kogoro took a trip to Matsue after winning a lottery and meets up with a verse group. 

Episode 257: The Extremely Strange Punishment from Heaven

An earthquake occurs, leaving a man bleeding and robbed.

Episode 260: The Shaking Restaurant

A  house construction leads to the death of the restaurant owner.

Episode 261: The Fearful Legend of the Snowy Night (Part 1)

Conan, Kogoro, and Ran stayed at a house due to heavy snow, only to encounter two murders.

Episode 262: The Fearful Legend of the Snowy Night (Part 2)

Conan conducts an informal investigation and finds clues to the murder. He knows who did it and tells Kogoro.

Episode 264: Courtroom Battle: Kisaki vs. Kogoro (Part 1)

A legal battle ensues between Kisaki and Kogoro over a murder case that led Kogoro to study more about the case.

Episode 265 Courtroom Battle: Kisaki vs. Kogoro (Part 2)

Not satisfied with the court result, Kogoro takes a look into the case tagging Conan with him.

Episode 273: Old Lady’s Quiz Disappearance Case

The Detective Boys came across an old woman that feeds the stray kid and quizzes the kids from puzzle books. 

Episode 281: The Small Eyewitnesses

The detective boys were playing a detective game when they encounter a real murder case.

Episode 282: Mystery of the Water Flowing Stone Garden (Part 1)

Ran, Kogoro, and Conan ran out of gas, and Majima gave them a lift, only to find him dead the next day.

Episode 283: Mystery of the Water Flowing Stone Garden (Part 2)

Kogoro finds two suspects from the company.

Episode 276: Case of the Missing Policeman’s Badge

While trying to stop a fight between a singer and the manager, Takagi loses his badge. 

Season 11

Episode 294: Smash of Love and Determination (Part 1)

The Detective Boys takes a trip to participate in a tennis tournament a series of events ensues.

Episode 295: Smash of Love and Determination (Part 2)

The police started a search party for Ran, and Conan tries to decipher Ran’s location. 

Episode 296: Houseboat Fishing shock

Kazuyuki Kawai invited Kogoro, Ran, and Conan for dinner, where one of the guests dies out of electrocution.

Episode 297: Courtroom Confrontation II: Kiaski vs. Kujo (Part 1)

Another drama ensues for Kisaki to defend a burglar charged for murder by the state prosecutor.

Episode 298: Courtroom Confrontation II: Kiaski vs. Kujo (Part 2)

Conan and Kogoro start the investigation and help the superintendent finds the actual truth.

Episode 303: The Victim Who Came Back

The Detective Boys were roaming around when they heard a woman scream from an apartment and rushed to investigate. 

Episode 314: Broken fence of the Observatory

Conan, Ran, and Kogoro witness a man committing suicide by jumping off from the edge on a hiking trip. 

Episode 315: Placed Exposed to the Sun

Jiro Kuroki has a Sensei suffering from depression and needs Kogoro’s help to get over it.

Season 12

Episode 318: Cigar Case of Good Fortune (Part 1)

Kogoro, Ran, and Conan seem to sense a tense relationship between the developers and the president.

Episode 319: Cigar Case of Good Fortune (Part 2)

With a case of stabbing and an accident, Conan and Kogoro try to solve the case revealing the actual motive.

Episode 320: Ninja Art: The Art of Alibi Construction

On finding the dead of Kogoro’s old client in a park, Conan and Kogoro start to investigate the case. 

Episode 321: The Vanished Kidnapper’s Getaway Car (Part 1)

Conan somehow got himself kidnapped while on a visit to his hospitalized friend. 

Episode 322: The Vanished Kidnapper’s Getaway Car (Part 2)

Conan finds the trick behind the vanishing van.

Episode 328: Mystery of the Birthday Wine

Ran’s friend invited Conan, Kogoro, and Ran to her birthday party, where a woman dies at the party.

Episode 337: Hidden Facts of the Accidental Fall

Conan and Kogoro encounter two men fighting over a backpack, leading to the death of one man. 

Episode 342: Bride of Huis Ten Boschup

Ran and Sonoko invited Conan to the wedding of AkaneKatori and Shinya Ooga.

Episode 348: Love, a Ghost, and a World’s Inheritance (Part 1)

The Detective Boys and Conan, Haibara, Ran, and Kogoro visit an old village with a dark past. 

Episode 349: Love, a Ghost, and a World’s Inheritance (Part 2)

Conan and the Detective Boys start to investigate the case that leads them to various clues.

Episode 352: The Tragedy of the Fishing Tournament (Part 1)

Sonoko invites Ran and Conan to a fishing tournament sponsored by her father’s company.

Episode 353: The Tragedy of the Fishing Tournament (Part2)

Conan looks into the case and finds multiple clues that ultimately lead to the true culprit.

Season 13

Episode 357: Sweetheart is an Illusion of Spring

Ran’s friend Sachiko dies mysteriously.

Episode 360: A Mysterious Spring Beetle

The Detective Boys comes across the dead body of a pet shop owner.

Episode 363: The City’s Crow

Conan helps Chiba finds the real culprit that killed an old lady

Episode 368: The Candy House the Witch Lives in

An employee of the Candy House was found murdered.

Episode 369: Lucky Man’s Suspense

The Detective Boys discovers Doctor Owada’s raffle manipulation.

Episode 370: Running Away in a Game

The president of a gaming company hunts the Detective Boys.

Episode 373: Poisonous Spider Trap

A professor of a spider researcher dies of spider poison.

Episode 376: Time Limit at 3 o’clock

A kidnapper was found dead in a car accident.

Episode 384: The Target is Kogoro Mori!

Due to a misidentification, Kogoro becomes the target of a killer.

Season 14

Episode 392: The Mysterious Height Difference of 20 cm

Takagi tells Conan that a CEO of a construction company was found dead.

Episode 393: A kidnapping Case… So, it seems.

The death of a motorcyclist leads to more clues and revelations.

Episode 397: Spicy, Bitter, Sweet Soup

A woman commits suicide, but her friend thinks it’s murder.

Episode 405: Man,who went to Call for an Ambulance 

A man comes across a dead body and calls for an ambulance, but he becomes a suspect.

Episode 413: The Mysterious of the Half- Completed Crime

A TV producer invites Kogoro but encounters a murder.

Episode 414: The Detective Boys Blue Bird Chase

The Detective Boys investigate the missing bird of their friend Yuka Konno.

Episode 418: Home of Beika’sGrenier

Conan discovers a suspicious old couple.

Episode 423: Detective Boys and the Four Aomushi Brothers

A boy encounters a murder scene but refuses to speak.

Episode 424: The Photograph Mail From a clown

The host of a costume party was found murdered.

Episode 426: Love Letter to Rain

Ran receives a love letter that made Conan worried.

Season 15

Episode 433: Conan -A Strange Child

The peculiar suicide case of a famous author.

Episode 434: The Great Dog Coeur’s Triumph

Musashi, a dog, is accused of killing a neighbor.

Episode 441: The Final “Ahh”

Conan and Kogoro investigate the suicide case of Yamamoto.

Episode 442: The Man Obstructing the Steel Frame

An amnesiac struggling artist almost gets killed by a falling beam.

Episode 448: Meguro’s Pike Case

Two people claim to stab Ichimatsu, but Conan knows who the true culprit is.

Episode 452: The Mysterious Person from the Konpira Troupe

A heroine tried to create a stir to ruin the play.

Episode 456: The Mystery I loved

The death of a detective author and a character from his books claims to commit the crime.

Episode 459: A Mysterious Man- Overly Strict with Regulations

Conan investigates the case of an overly strict man who is accused of killing a woman.

Season 16

Episode 468: The Mysterious Case Near the Pond

Jiro Nihonmatsu mysteriously claims he that he owns two turtles, but Conan finds it suspicious.

Episode 471: The Out-of-Control Rental Car

Inspector Megure calls Kogoro that a bomber planted a bomb in his car.

Episode 475: Bad Luck Grand Prix

Conan and Kogoro encounter a hit-and-run case that results in injuring two persons.

Episode 478: Real 30 Minutes

A murder happens on the third floor in a mall, and Conan sees two gangsters trying to access the mall.

Episode 480: Yellow Alibi

Hiroko Inoue, a hostess, was found dead in her room.

Episode 483: The Missing Policeman

A man can’t help but disguised himself as a policeman to protect Akimoto.

Episode 486: ManekiNeko from the Right to the Left

Conan investigates a case where a woman finds the dead body of her owner.

Episode 489: Courtroom Confrontation III Prosecutor as Eyewitness

Eri Kisaki has been assigned to defend a person accused of Hit and run.

Season 17

Episode 512: The Broken Horoscope

A person tries to break into the room of a famous fortune-teller but gets caught.

Episode 518: Meiji Restoration Mystery Tour

Conan notices two men trying to snatch a book from a woman containing information about a treasure’s location.

Episode 519: Meiji Restoration Mystery Tour: Decipher Chapter

Conan receives a call from kidnappers to search for treasure before midnight.

Episode 520: Indictment by Red Wine

Conan witnesses a crime where a man hits the skull of the wine collector with

Season 18

Episode 527: Evil Intent Hidden Behind a Mask

A theatre manager hires Kogoro to investigate weird occurrences.

Episode 536: The Secret of the Vanished Masterpiece

Conan investigates the dead of a painter and his stolen masterpiece.

Episode 539: The Inheritance to a Foolish Person

Three sons are found suspect for the death of their father.

Episode 544: The Hand That Plays in Dissonance 

At a concert, the lead vocalist of a local band was found dead.

Episode 553: The Interrogation Room

Kogoro tries to persuade a man accused of killing a parole officer.

Episode 556: The Fearful Intersection

Kogoro, Conan, and Ran encounter a traffic collision that leads to the death of a man.

Episode 562: The Kidnapping of Rainbow Colors

Nijimura company hires Kogoro to look for a company that copies its style.

Episode 565: The Witness that Cannot Be Seen

Kogoro investigates the death of the owner of a barbershop.

Season 19

Episode 566: The Partner is Santa-san

An unknown person kidnaps Ishikawa, and Kogoro searches for clues.

Episode 567: The Intention to Murder Befalling in an Open-air Bath

A boulder falls upon the president of a company that leads to his death.

Episode 570: The Crime that has Zero Possibility to be Proven 

A woman passed out upon receiving a call from her brother-in-law.

Episode 577: The Fireflies that Light up the Truth

During a firefly festival, a truck driver was found dead leading to suspicion of three villagers.

Episode 582: The Night the Zombie Died

A comedian invited Kogoro, Conan, and Ran to her birthday, where she stabbed a masked man.

Episode 588: The Trap of the Rooftop Farm

A head injury led to the death of an elderly man.

Episode 591: The House with an Aquarium

A famous aquarium designer was found dead in his bathtub.

Episode 596: The Alibi that Fell

An employee of a company commits suicide, but Conan is suspicious of foul play.

Episode 599: Friend of Justice

A con artist dies of a head injury, but someone claims to see the murderer.

Season 20

Episode 631: What the Floral Clock Knew

Ayumi notices a strange man watching her but later finds about the death of the man.

Episode 634: The Crime Scene is a Very Narrow Shop

The hostess of a bar was found dead, leading to a shocking revelation.

Episode 635: Beware of Dieting

A customer at a yoga resort dies of food poisoning.

Season 21

Episode 658: The Hot Chocolate Trap

A fire breaks out at a chocolate restaurant leading to the death of the owner.

Episode 664: The Great Dog Coeur’s Triumph 2

With the help of a strange map, the Detective Boys finds the murderer’s identity.

Episode 665: Suspicion of Initial K

Cold blood murders of two people with two suspects having the same initials “K.”

Episode 666: The Intimidator in a Rainy Night

A woman asks for Chiba’s as she fears someone is stalking her.

Episode 677: The Sandy Beach with No Footprints

A couple gets into an argument only to find the wife dead by the beach the next day.

Episode 680: Cactus Rhapsody

The sons of a cacti owner were enraged over will’s removal, later finds their father dead. 

Season 22

Episode 687: The Unsolvable Ice Trap

A mayor dies of strangulation, revealing lots of information.

Episode 688: Detective Takagi Picked Up 30 million Yen

A grocery manager claims the ownership of 30 million yen, but more secrets ensue.

Episode 695: The Roses in the Vineyard

A dead body was found in a warehouse, and Conan tries to find the murderer.

Episode 696: The Stormy Flowerbed Conspiracy

Flowerbed is spoiled due to a murder incident.

Episode 697: The Window of the Girls Academy

An old friend hires Kogoro to investigate the suicide case of her sister.

Episode 698: No Way! The UFO Crash Case

An unidentified aircraft crash allows Conan to investigate, revealing shocking truth.

Episode 707: The Framed Great Detective 

Envious of Kogoro, an old friend tries to frame him.

Episode 708: The Man That Fell Slowly

The Detective Boys encounters a man trying to push the other person off the building.

Episode 709: The Case of the Unconfirmed Crash

A man dies after a falling beam hits him.

Season 23

Episode 726: The Happy Message That Brings Misfortune

Conan, Kogoro, and Ran come across a person with a cryptic dying message.

Episode 729: The Diamond, the painting, and the Great Actress        

Kogoro, Conan, and Ran encounter a series of incidents at an actress’s house.

Episode 730: The Figure That was Too Good

At a figure expo, a woman screams at a dead body lying on the floor.

Episode 733: The Banquet and the Two Gunshots

A wedding reception that went well until at the end some misfortunes occur.

Episode 736: The Secret of the Statue of KogoroMouri

Kogoro gets invited to a house by Kataoka, who happens to be a big fan of him.

Season 24

Episode 743: Coincidentally Overlapped Twice

A hooded man is involved in a series of crimes.

Episode 750: The Man Betrayed by the Sea

A man finds himself unable to swim, eventually led to death.

Episode 767: The Lover Gone Missing in a Snowstorm

An argument between three-person that eventually leads to the death of one person.

Episode 768: Hiabara Ai Imprisonment Case

Hibari finds her and Mrs.Higaki gagged and tied in a dark room.

Episode 769: The Troublesome Emergency Patient

A patient tries to run away from a hospital.

Episode 774: Munch’s Missing Scream

Two paintings were supposed to get delivered to a museum, but one went missing.

Episode 777: The Detective boys VS the Silver Detectives

Silver detectives claim to have solved a case, but Conan seems to doubt it.

Episode 778: Mirage of the Disappearing Angel

A painter was found dead by the sea, where Conan searched for a clue by looking at the painting.

Season 25

Episode 784: Welcome to Club Orihime

Sonoko’s friend requests her help to investigate a case of pranking from an anonymous person.

Episode 789: The Queen’s Weather Forecast

A weather forecaster dies after leaning on a railing, but Conan seems to doubt about it.

Episode 791: Detective Takagi on the Run in Handcuffs

Both handcuffed detective Takagi and Ryuta must find a way to get back to Tokyo.

Episode 794: Bodyguard Mori kogoro!

A famous actress hires Kogoro to become her bodyguard.

Episode 795: The Secret of the Missing Young Lady

Jun takes Ayumi away to an unknown location.

Episode 796: The Lovebird’s Ruse

A person dies after falling from the window.

Episode 797: The Dreaming Girl’s Confused Deduction 

Conan helps Funachi to find a missing person.

Episode 816: The Disappointing and the Kind Alien

An unemployed man dies after seeing a man wearing an alien costume.

Episode 817: The Missing Fiancée

A man hires Kogoro to find his fiancée, who seems to disappear,

Season 26

Episode 820: The Seven People in the Waiting Room

Caught in a typhoon, Kogoro receives a warning about murder.

Episode 821: The Hidden Secret of Dongaraji

Conan and Kogoro investigate the case of a bank robbery.

Episode 824: The Detective Boys Get Out of the Rain

While taking shelter in a house full of toys, the detective boys hear a woman scream from the room.

Episode 825: The Tidal Park Comeback Case

While visiting a tidal park, Kogoro encounters a dead body on a bridge.

Episode 826: The Beauty, The Lie, and The Secret

Conan and Kogoro work on a series of cases.

Episode 829: The Mysterious Boy

There was news about the appearance of UFO only to find a boomerang and a dead body.

Episode 833: The Great Detective’s Weakness

Kogoro fails to catch a robber due to his fear of heights.

Episode 838: Mystery in a Hot Air Ballon

During a hot air balloon event, a collision led to the death of a person.

Episode 840: The Last Gift

An officer is falsely convicted of murder.

Episode 855: Mystery of the Missing Black Belt

An important black belt is missing where Sonoko’s boyfriend is a suspect.

Episode 856: The Socialite Couple’s Secret

Conan and Korogo investigate a strange case of a couple.

Season 27

Episode 859: The Dark Mountain Route

While attending the death anniversary of their friend, Conan and the boys encounter a murder of a camper.

Episode 860: The Security System’s Pitfall

Junko Miyoshi hires Kogoro to help him capture a thief.

Episode 865: The Foul-Mouthed Myna Bird

While playing soccer, Conan and the boys hears a man scream, only to find a woman murdered to death.

Season 29

Episode 940: The Missing Girlfriend

Naruse hires Kogoro to help him find his girlfriend.

Episode 943: The Tokyo Barls Collection

Korogo goes on a strange date with a woman.

Episode 948: The Man Crushed by a Dinosaurs

A series of weird incidents ensues at a Dinosaur Museum.

Episode 955: The Secret of the Insect Man

Conanand the DetectiveBoysvisit a strange village where they feel unwelcomed by the villagers.

Episode 960: Miss Lonely and the Detective Boys

The Detective boy meets a lady who is sad after losing her boyfriend.

Episode 961: The Glamping Mystery

The employees scream after seeing the body of Tosaki lit up.

Episode 975: The Secret of the Search for His Wife

A man’s search for his wife comes to a halt after discovering his wife’s dead body.

Episode 976: Follow them! Detective Taxi

Conan encounters a person trying to steal the money collection of a festival.