How to Make Ramen Less Spicy

Introducing a bit of spice into our lives is not a bad thing. However, when anyone picks up a pack of Korean Samyang noodles or puts the whole chili powder packet into the mix, that could go wrong quickly. Here’s how to make ramen less spicy and more delicious.

When things go badly with the heat levels of your ramen, ensure you use one of the following hacks: adding more water, adding dairy, or adding extra ingredients that can lower the dish’s spiciness levels. Next time, if you feel this meal isn’t for you, try getting a different noodle pack.

Here are some steps for making your noodle dish milder:

  1. Add dairy to your noodles to make them edible food
  2. Use more water than the recipe suggests
  3. Add other ingredients to dilute the spiciness of Samyang noodles

In this guide, I will help you get the most of your spicy noodles and eat them with satisfaction and a not-so-spiced-up tongue.

How to Make Ramen Less Spicy – What You’re Going to Need

You can put different types of ingredients, either one by one or all at the same time. Still, to avoid stomach aches and digestive problems, I’d recommend adding one to two things instead of all of them, or buying other kinds, like the best noodle packs Amazon has to offer.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Milk,
  • Cheese,
  • Yogurt,
  • Just half of the spice packet,
  • Vegetables of choice,
  • Two cups of water.

Does Korean Ramyun Taste the Same as Regular Ramen? What the Reviews Say

Korean Samyang noodles are some of the spiciest instant food out there. They’re so spicy that you can smell the capsaicin in the spice bag when you open it up. The noodle packs are similar, but the heat difference between Korean ramyun and other instant ramen (such as the Michelin-starred Nakiryu) is like heaven and earth. There can also be some cost differences, so check out how much noodle packs cost and save up.

People compete in eating Samyang noodle meals all the time. I like hot food, but when I tried these noodles without any additions, I thought my mouth would fall off. It’s best to put in more ingredients to reduce the heat.

#1 Add Milk to Your Noodles to Make Them Edible

The first thing you could put in your hot noodle pack is any form of dairy, from milk and yogurt to cheese. Generally, when people eat something really hot, they dilute it with milk or sour cream, which will also work here.

Fresh milk will work, but you can also use heavy cream or sour cream if you want the texture of the condiment to be a bit thicker. I like to add yogurt, as it’s similar to heavy cream but provides a lighter texture and flavor. If you wonder if ramen has dairy, some packs do, so you can buy that, too.

Make Them in a Pot or a Pan to Mix the Ingredients Better

To ensure your milk and condiments are perfectly blended, use a pot or pan, such as a wok, to prepare your noodle dish. Here are the steps:

  • Boil water and pour the sauce into it,
  • Once it’s diluted, put in the dairy topping of your choice,
  • Stir until the color becomes lighter,
  • Put in the noodle brick, and let them cook,
  • Take it all out of the pan and serve.

#2 Use More Water Than the Recipe Suggests

If you’re lactose intolerant, dairy isn’t the best suggestion for diluting the spiciness of Samyang. That’s why you can simply use the oldest trick in the book – more water. If the recipe calls for one cup, put one and a half or even two; be warned, though, that this could change the flavor.

Once you cook the noodle pack, take them out and put just a tiny amount of the spiced broth, so they don’t stick or dry out. Wetting pasta is commonly done to prevent sticking, and you can do the same with your cooked noodles.

You Can Also Leave Out Half of the Spice Packet From the Recipe

Instead of using more water, why not also try using less of the spice? You don’t have to squeeze out the entire packet; justput a small amount or halfif you want to reduce the spiciness levels. This is logical, but I understand someone might think this would tamper with the noodle flavor.

#3 Add Other Ingredients to Dilute the Spiciness of Samyang Noodles

If you potentially use less of the spice packet, add other ingredients for the dish to become more attractive. Vegetables of your choice, and meat like chicken, will help this meal become more wholesome and nutritious since the heavily spiced-up seasoning doesn’t precisely scream healthy calories.

You can also top the dish up with soy, oyster sauce, and other liquid condiments that provide extra flavor and spice.

Here are my suggestions for good flavor combinations with Samyang spicy noodle packs:

  • Cabbage,
  • Carrots,
  • Sweet corn,
  • Peas,
  • Fried onions,
  • Sesame seeds,
  • Kimchi,
  • Spring onions,
  • Boiled or fried egg,
  • Fried chicken.

For example, chop up some red onion and garlic, chop a cup of cabbage, half a cup of carrots, and put in some olive oil. Fry these ingredients in a non-stick pan with the noodle spices, then throw in an egg and the noodle pack. Put in some shredded or cubed chicken if you feel like it, too. This dish will be ready to reheat, too.

Sugar Can Help Reduce the Sourness, Just Like We Put In Pasta Sauce

If, despite all the additions, you still feel the spiciness, adding sugar will reduce the spiciness and the pain of tasting such a hot dish. With sugar, the dressing will resemble Gochujang sauce a bit more and be tastier and easier to consume.

If you’ve ever made tomato sauce for pasta, you know how tomatoes have acidity that can’t be easily removed unless sugar is added. So, similarly, this hot pepper sauce from Samyang noodle packs will be diluted, too.

It’s Possible to Make Ramen Less Spicy and Turn Into Tasty Food

You can eat your spicy noodle dish and enjoy it, even if you microwave it. If it’s too hot, you can put dairy products, vegetables, and chicken and turn the plate into something more enjoyable. If you don’t have much to add, simply pour more water or add less spice and aromatics. You’ll enjoy delicious ramen no matter what, and compare this instant version with the real deal.