When to Eat Ramen?

If you enjoy eating famous Japanese dishes, you might be wondering when to eat ramen during the day. Here you will find all the answers to this intriguing question.

Depending on the part of Japan, you can find people enjoying ramen for all three main daily meals. But it depends a lot on what type of ramen we are talking about since some recipes are light and others heavy. Generally, ramen is mostly eaten for lunch, but it can be enjoyed for breakfast and dinner as well.

A bowl of ramen

The Japanese Traditionally Eat Ramen for Lunch, but in Some Parts, It Is Eaten for Breakfast and Dinner as Well

If you want to follow the Japanese tradition, then you should eat ramen for lunch. But bear in mind that traditional Japanese ramen and instant ramen are two completely different things. The traditional recipes include many ingredients like pork meat or soft-boiled eggs, and when everything is combined, you get a hearty meal full of nutrients.

However, there are some parts of Japan where ramen is also traditionally eaten for breakfast.

Shida DistrictLocated in central Japan, Shizuoka Prefecture, Shida District is famous for green tea leaves. According to tradition, when the harvest season starts, farmers wake up early in the morning and have a bowl of hearty ramen in order to gain enough energy for the job ahead.
Kitakata cityKitakata is known to be the city with one of the largest number of ramen shops in comparison to its population. When visiting this city, don’t be surprised to see residents early in the morning enjoying a bowl of ramen at local shops.

Ramen Is Rarely Eaten for Dinner in Japan

It can be stated that ramen is rarely eaten for dinner, and there is a good reason for that. As mentioned before, ramen can be quite a strong meal, and eating food with high nutritional values in the evening is not healthy. Still, there are many interesting light or vegetarian recipes that could be eaten for dinner.

Western Civilization Has Started Eating Instant Ramen for All Meals

Ramen has become one of the most popular fast foods in the world, and it is not surprising as there are many reasons:

It is safe to say that instant ramen is certainly among the top three most eaten foods among the Western student population due to the stated reasons. However, this is not a good thing overall.

Instant Ramen From Supermarkets and Traditional Japanese Ramen Are Two Completely Different Things

There is no denying that Maruchan ramen and other popular instant ramen products are tasty, affordable, and convenient for preparation, but these products cannot be compared with real Japanese ramen. Here is a brief comparison of the two:

Instant ramenTraditional Japanese ramen
Instant ramen noodles are packed with carbohydrates and other artificial additives.Traditional ramen noodles are made from just a few ingredients (they are mostly flour, salt, baking soda, and salt)
Spices that come in instant ramen packaging have incredibly high levels of sodium.Traditional ramen ingredients are vegetables, meat, eggs, homemade spices, and such. This dish basically provides you with all the needed nutrients.
Instant ramen can be prepared in less than five minutes.Traditional Japanese ramen requires a lot of patience when cooking in order to achieve an authentic taste (the main reason is the broth)

As you can see, the convenience of fast cooking is what appeals most to the Western world, but that is almost always the main indication of poor nutritional content. Instant ramen is eaten for all meals nowadays, but we would advise you to eat this product moderately, if possible, even to avoid it. If you must, avoid eating it for dinner. Give your body enough time to burn calories, and try to engage in some physical activity to facilitate the process.

A bowl of ramen with chopsticks beside

Japanese Traditional Ramen Is a Lovely Dish, No Matter When You Decide to Eat It

If you haven’t tried this dish yet, there is bound to be an authentic Japanese restaurant nearby. But also, all better-equipped stores now have all the ingredients needed to make this dish, so you can even try to make it yourself. It is a hearty and delectable meal that will give you the strength to complete all your daily tasks.