Is Maruchan Ramen?

If you enjoy eating the famous Japanese noodle dish called ramen, you have probably heard of the name “Maruchan.” Hence, you might wonder, is “Maruchan” ramen?

Maruchan is a brand of ramen noodles. The Japanese-American manufacturer has gained massive international popularity, especially in the USA, and is considered to produce some of the tastiest instant ramen noodles available in supermarkets.

Ramen noodles with eggs and meat

Maruchan Has Become One of the Most Renowned Ramen Manufacturers in the World

Although the company was founded in 1953, it first began as a small fish distributorship in Tokyo. However, in 1961, the owner Kazuo Mori decided to expand the business and started making various noodle products, including instant ramen noodles. Taking into consideration the present success of Maruchan as a business, this could not have been a better decision.

Maruchan instant ramen noodles are extremely popular in the Western world. In 1977, they opened their first manufacturing facility in Irvine, California, and since then, they have become the first ramen choice for Americans. Furthermore, they are considered to be one of the best ramen noodles on Amazon.

Few Ramen Manufacturers Offer Such a Wide Range of Ramen Products as Maruchan

One of the main reasons why Maruchan is such a popular instant ramen noodle manufacturer is because of the wide variety of products that it offers. If you were wondering how much ramen costs, Maruchan is among the most affordable ones. Here are the available flavors:

  • Chicken,
  • Pork,
  • Beef,
  • Seafood,
  • Soy.

These are the basic flavors, but there are many different combinations. In general, Maruchan is considered to be one of the more creative ramen noodle manufacturers. If you like to make your ramen less spicy, creamy, or hot, there is something for everyone.

Maruchan Has a Variety of Other Ramen Noodle Products as Well

In addition, Maruchan has started making different kinds of ramen noodle products besides the classic instant packages, and today their offer includes these as well:

  • Gold Maruchan – These products are advertised as craft ramen noodles, which suggests that the manufacturing process is much more delicate. Currently, there are two different flavors, spicy miso and soy sauce.
  • Maruchan instant lunch – These products come in plastic containers and demand only a cup of boiling water to be poured over the content. There is a wide variety of tastes which include all the basic flavors listed above.
  • Maruchan ramen bowl – The ramen bowl is basically the same as the instant lunch. However, they differ in portion sizes, lunch being the bigger of the two. Also, the ramen bowl doesn’t have as many different tastes as instant lunch does. 
  • Maruchan Yakisoba – Yakisoba is a special type of Japanese ramen noodles. Yakisoba literally means “fried noodle,” so the taste is different. Maruchan Yakisoba also has some unique tastes, such as teriyaki beef and chicken, Korean BBQ, or cheddar cheese.

You Can Cook Them in Any Way You Like

The traditional way is to place the ramen noodles in a saucepan with boiling water (usually two or three cups) and leave it to cook for three minutes. However, Maruchan ramen can be microwaved as well, and it can also be a great addition to numerous different recipes. Finally, if you like to experiment, Maruchan certainly has something suitable to offer for such endeavors. For example, there are people who want to recreate the ramen that Naruto eats, and given the number of different tastes, you will find the right one for such unique recipes.

Noodles in a bowl

The Nutritional Value Is Good When Compared to Other Kinds of Instant Ramen Noodles

We have taken the classic Maruchan chicken ramen soup to display the nutritional value:

Calories190 kcal
Total fat7 g
Saturated fat3.5 g
Sodium830 mg
Carbohydrate26 g
Protein4 g

When compared to some other instant ramen noodles, the nutritional value is not bad at all. However, this type of food should be eaten in moderation. No matter what fast food is in question, sodium and carbohydrate levels will be high, which is detrimental to our health.

Definitely Try Maruchan Ramen Noodles if You Haven’t Already

Due to the ease of preparation, cost-effectiveness, and tastiness, instant ramen noodles have certainly become one of the most popular fast food products across the world. Maruchan is, without any doubt, one of the more renowned ramen manufacturers, and they are definitely worth the try. If you can’t find them in your nearby supermarkets, Maruchan ramen noodles can be ordered on Amazon.