How Long to Cook a Ramen Egg?

There is nothing more delicious than the perfectly cooked yolks of eggs, and knowing precisely how long to cook a ramen egg is essential to preparing this delicious dish. The process might be challenging for beginners, but you will soon learn how to cook them like a connoisseur.

A ramen egg is usually cooked for about six and a half minutes, but the duration may sometimes vary depending on the size of the egg. In case you use a smaller egg, a shorter cooking time is better, while a larger egg may take a few extra seconds for the yolk to become jammy.

Ramen with green onions and soft-boiled eggs

Preparing the ramen eggs properly doesn’t depend solely on the amount of time it takes to boil them. It’s crucial to pay attention to the entire technique required to cook them. There are differences between using eggs directly from the fridge as opposed to having them warm up at room temperature first. Also, prepping the water before boiling them has to be done in a specific way. Let’s dive into the steps needed to prepare this mouth-watering dish.

What Is Ramen?

This well-known traditional Japanese noodle dish is made from wheat noodles. It is seasoned with soy sauce or miso and served in a meat-based broth. There is an array of types of ramen in Japan. Some people ask – does ramen always have noodles? Yes, its base ingredients – broth and noodles are always the same. However, toppings can vary depending on the geographical area and different customary ways of preparing the dish. The dish is usually adorned with:

  • Boiled eggs,
  • Seaweed (nori),
  • Bean sprouts,
  • Scallions,
  • Green onion (negi),
  • Lactate-fermented bamboo shoots,
  • Soy sauce,
  • Olive oil,
  • Butter,
  • Corn,
  • Squid,
  • Braised pork squares or cubes.

What Ingredients Are Required for Preparing Ramen Eggs?

Before delving into the technique of preparing delicious ramen eggs, one has to have a complete list of ingredients. For the purpose of making it, you should first have the necessary equipment – a timer, one sealable plastic bag, and a bowl of ice water. Here is a table with all the ingredients that are needed and the quantity.

Water for boilingDepending on the size of the pot
Mirin4 tbsp
Warm dashi or water1 cup
Sugar3 tbsp
Soy sauce8 tbsp
Sake4 tbsp

How to Prepare the Eggs for Being Boiled? – First Step, Boil the Water

Even though one can shop for ramen on Amazon, experiencing the satisfaction of preparing delicious ramen with perfectly cooked eggs cannot be surpassed. A good setup is required in order to prepare the recipe, which is why it’s vital to begin by boiling the water.

Select a pot that is big enough so that all the eggs can fit on the button. Add water to the pot but bear in mind that all of them should be submerged with at least half of an inch of water above them. A great tip is to put them at the bottom of the pot and then check how much water is needed.

What Temperature Should the Eggs Be?

Eggs should be left in the fridge until you are ready to put them in the boiling water. You won’t have to think about the appropriate room temperature. The recipe can vary depending on the season and the area where you live. But, when taking the eggs directly from the fridge and dropping them in boiling water, the yolk will become jammy, and each egg will be soft-boiled in six and a half minutes.

Eggs in a carton

Fill a Bowl With Water and Ice

After boiling the eggs, immediately transfer them to a bowl of water with ice. This will allow them to stop overcooking. Therefore, before boiling them, it’s important to prepare an ice-water bath in advance. We recommend using one cup of water and two cups of ice. In case you are afraid that you might ruin them, it would be best to only place them under running water for 3 minutes.

Boil the Eggs – How Long to Cook Ramen Eggs?

After the water starts boiling, quickly lower the heat from high to medium. Take each egg and gently lower it into the water with a ladle. Take your time during this step since it’s crucial not to crack any before they become completely submerged in the water. Set your timer for six minutes and thirty seconds. As soon as the timer signals that it’s time to take out the eggs, transfer them immediately to the ice bath. They should stay in the bowl for two to three minutes.

The Final Step Is to Marinate Them

The whole experience will be elevated by marinating the eggs, and you will be able to adjust the recipe to your preferences. For example, making the ramen less spicy or salty can be accomplished by choosing how to marinate them. The simplest recipe is to use only mirin and soy sauce in warm dashi or water, but one can also add a bit of sake and sugar to tone down the flavor of the mirin. Don’t forget to use a plastic zipper-lock bag. Remove any air from the bag and put eggs inside. This way, they will soak up the liquid fast.

Ramen with noodles and eggs

Ready to Try This Recipe Out?

With this recipe, preparing a unique and delicious dish in the comfort of your home has become a reality. The quality of it will largely depend on the technique you use to cook the eggs. Bear in mind that it’s vital to only boil them for six and a half minutes. Cool them down immediately after cooking them in an ice bath, marinate them, and voila – you have prepared yourself an amazing appetizing dish.