Can Cherry Blossom Trees Grow In Florida?

A cherry blossom tree in full bloom is one of the most beautiful sights you’ll ever see. The large pink-white flowers are as visually striking as they are beautiful. Although they only bloom for a few short weeks in the springtime, they are well worth the hard work and effort put into growing them.

The other day, a Floridian follower of mine asked me if cherry blossom trees can grow in Florida. 

Cherry Blossom trees can grow in Florida. Although Florida isn’t ideal, you can still grow a beautiful sakura cherry blossom trees in northern and central parts of Florida.

After a few years of care, you should be able to see your first blooms! 

The climate in Florida does present a few challenges to growing cherry blossom trees. However, if you’re consistent and committed, you can grow a beautiful and strong specimen. Today, I’ll give you some helpful tips for growing a cherry tree in “The Sunshine State,” answer some common questions about the cherry tree, and also show you some great ways to enjoy your cherry blossoms once they bloom! 

What Part Of Florida Is Best For Growing Cherry Trees?

Perhaps you’ve been watching a bit too much anime on Crunchyroll or maybe you’ve seen a cherry tree at your local garden or conservatory. Whatever caused you to want to grow a cherry blossom tree, though, I’m here to show you how to make it possible (even if you live in Florida). 

First, I’ll start by telling you that Florida does present a few challenges when it comes to growing cherry blossom trees. Typically, cherry trees grow best in low-humidity environments where the temperatures or mild to moderate. Unfortunately, most of Florida is humid and hot throughout the spring and summer months. 

If you do plan on growing a cherry tree in Florida, keep in mind that you’ll have better chances if you live in the middle or northern parts of Florida. Here, the humidity is a bit lower and the temperature is more agreeable, which means that your tree will grow better. 

As a side note, if you’re still looking for some Japanese agriculture that’s a bit easier to grow indoors, I’d highly recommend checking out my guide to buying a bonsai tree starter kit here.

Tips For Growing Cherry Blossom Trees In Florida

As long as you have a bit of a “green thumb,” then growing a cherry blossom tree in Florida is definitely possible. Of course, it will grow best in a greenhouse environment where you can control the temperature, water levels, and climate. However, if you don’t want to build an entire greenhouse, then you can also plant one in your front or back yard. 

Here are some helpful tips to help you grow a beautiful cherry blossom tree. 

Tie The Tree To Stakes

After your young cherry tree starts to blossom, it’s vital that you tie it down with stakes. During hurricane season, the winds in Florida can be severe and will often uproot young trees. Use three stakes (positioned in a triangular position around the tree) and tie them with a strong string to keep the tree upright. 

Fertilize and Water

Florida typically gets a good bit of rain, so you may not have to water the tree too much. However, the soil around the young tree should always be somewhat moist. If it’s too dry, the tree can quickly die. A bit of fertilizer is a great idea as well

Wrap The Trunk To Prevent Pests

Last but not least, remember that Florida has a lot of pests. Make sure that you wrap the trunk of your young tree with one of those anti-pest wraps. This will ensure that animals don’t come and eat your tree before it has a chance to fully grow. 

Can You Eat Cherry Blossoms? 

Between the first and third years of growth, your cherry tree should enter its reproductive stage and will start to bloom in the spring season! While they’re certainly pretty to look at, you may be surprised to find out that they’re also edible

Making Food With Cherry Blossoms 

Cherry blossoms are packed full of antioxidants (a powerful anti-aging ingredient), which makes them a healthy additive to a number of meals. In fact, Japan has an annual sakura festival where everything from cherry blossom deserts to cooked sushi rolls garnished with blossoms are served at parties and dinners. 

The flowers don’t need to be cooked, so they are usually used as an edible garnish. However, you can also bake cooked with chopped flowers or even eat Japanese mochi candy made with ground cherry blossom! 

Final Tips

Just because Florida is a hard place to grow a cherry blossom tree, doesn’t mean that you can’t try! If you follow the tips I outlined above and do your best to ensure that the tree receives proper water, nutrients, and safety from pests, then you could have a fully blossoming cherry tree within a few short years!