What Is Miso Ramen

If you are wondering what is miso ramen, make sure to check out this article and learn all about this famous traditional Japanese ramen dish.

Miso ramen is a traditional Japanese ramen dish. The name comes from the main ingredient, miso, which is a fermented soybean paste. It is considered to be one of the stronger ramen dishes as the broth is made from both chicken and pork bones and meat, and usually, additional slices of pork are added as a topping.

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Miso Ramen Is a Traditional Japanese Dish With a Long History

Each region of Japan has its own signature ramen dish, and miso comes from Hokkaido in northern Japan. This region is known for its colder climate, especially the bitter winds, so as a result, the miso ramen has a lot of highly nutritive ingredients, a thick broth that warms the body and soul, and is often eaten for lunch. Of course, the main ingredient that gives its unique flavor is miso, but don’t mistake it for miso soup.

The following ingredients are the main components of traditional Japanese miso ramen.

BrothThe most important ingredient of any traditional ramen dish is the broth. Miso ramen’s broth is exceptionally thick, as both the chicken and pork bones should be boiled until completely dissolved. On top of that, the Japanese like to add ground pork meat or fat, bonito flakes, kelp, vegetables (especially garlic,) and tamari. However, in order for the broth to gain such texture, it needs to be cooked for more than ten hours. Nonetheless, it is the broth that separates traditional ramen from instant. Finally, the key ingredient is miso. It is a fermented soybean paste that has a deeply savory taste.
NoodlesOf course, ramen cannot be made without noodles. If you are thinking about what size and length of noodles to get, there is no strict rule. However, you should look for Japanese homemade noodles in your local stores, as they will instantly become soggy when added to the piping hot broth.
ToppingsSoft-boiled eggs are the most popular ramen topping, and there is no difference here. The egg yolk will quickly dissolve into the miso broth and add further thickness to the texture. The Japanese also like to add slices of pork belly, especially when eating this dish for lunch. Finally, there are many different vegetables and mushrooms that can be added. Sweetcorn, spinach, and spring onions are some of the more traditional ones, but one of the reasons why ramen is so popular is that people can get incredibly creative when cooking it and not ruin the taste

You Can Also Try to Make This Delicacy at Home

If you are bored of store-bought instant ramen like Maruchan, why not try to make it at home with fresh ingredients? Of course, you don’t need to spend twelve hours cooking the broth, but if you have the time, consider that as well. Here is a recipe that will require no more than an hour to prepare, and the taste will be more than acceptable:

  • Take a big pot and add chicken stock, garlic, and ginger and boil for about half an hour.
  • Next, add chicken (chicken breast will do the job) and boil for another twenty minutes. Pork meat can also be added, but then you have to boil it for at least an hour more.
  • After the meat is cooked, remove it from the broth, and add miso paste. The miso paste will dissolve quickly, and your broth is officially ready when that happens.
  • Prepare the toppings, take the cooked meat and slice it, boil eggs, and if you have opted for spinach as the vegetable topping, it needs to be cooked as well.
  • Take a bowl, put noodles in and slowly cover it with the hot broth.
  • Finally, add all the toppings you have prepared. You can even add more miso paste for flavor.
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Miso Ramen Is One of the Best and Most Delicious Traditional Japanese Ramen Dishes

If you need energy for your work, this ramen dish will provide you with all the needed nutrients, and it is especially recommended for lunch during winter. Hence, be sure to visit your local Japanese restaurant and try it. But, if you like to cook, the recipe is fairly simple, all that is required is a bit of time, but it will most definitely be worth the trouble.