What Is a Sushi Roll Tempura?

If you are a sushi fan, you’re probably interested in learning as much as you can about the different types of this unique dish. You can try numerous kinds, and sushi rolls are one of the most famous. While most are familiar with traditional maki and Californian rolls, many are still wondering – what is a sushi roll tempura? What is so special about this dish? Keep reading to find out more.

Different types of sushi rolls

Sushi roll tempura is a well-known type of sushi roll that includes some form of fried ingredients, whether it’s fried vegetables or fried fish. There are numerous variations of this dish, and the most famous are the ones that include fried shrimp. However, this dish offers great flexibility, and you can create your own perfect combination of fried sushi.

What Is Sushi Roll Tempura?

The culinary scene of Japan is famous for numerous types of sushi. Sushi is quite popular worldwide, and its form is very open to experimentation. Sushi rolls can be made in many different ways, and sushi roll tempura is just one of the possible variations.

The tempura sushi roll means that during the process of preparation, some form of fried food is included in sushi. It can be made with fried fish or possibly fried vegetables. This is a specific way of battering and frying the ingredients before rolling them into their sushi form.

Tempura Rolls Are a Western Take On Japanese Maki

A majority think that tempura is a sort of western take on the traditional Japanese sushi rolls. Frying is not very common in Japanese cuisine and is more associated with western cuisine – explaining why many refer to tempura as “American-style sushi.”

The most traditional rolls in Japan are the maki. Maki rolls are made with pieces of raw fish, surrounded by rice, and rolled into a dried piece of seaweed. Unlike with tempura, there is no frying involved.

Japanese sushi rolls

The Process of Making Tempura Depends on the Recipe

The process of frying in Japanese cuisine is called tempura. The method of creating the tempura rolls depends on your recipe, but it must involve frying. For example, vegetarian tempura is made by frying chopped-up vegetables, such as broccoli, carrots, avocado, mushrooms, and other ingredients. Frying meat and fish are also quite common and are very popular in western cuisine.

What Are the Main Ingredients of Tempura Batter?

The process of frying in Japanese cuisine is quite simple and similar to the one in Western cuisine. The batter is made with typical ingredients such as cold flour, eggs, and cold water. The eggs are first added to the water and then beaten to mix them.

Then the flour is added and stirred into the mixture. Once the batter is ready, you can insert the specific ingredients and place them in a deep fryer, or if you wish to be more traditional, into a wok filled with oil.

Eggs and flour

The Most Common Version of Tempura Rolls Is the One With Shrimps

One of the most popular and common types of tempura rolls is the one made with fried shrimps. The mouthwatering combination of the best shrimps for tempura, creamy avocado, and crispy roll-around sushi is famous all over the world and enjoyed by many sushi lovers. Outside of Japan, tempura rolls are usually made uramaki-style (meaning they are rolled inside out) with rice on the outside.

It’s unlikely that you will find this specific dish at some traditional sushi restaurants since it is a very modern take on sushi rolls. For the lovers of shrimps, there are also tempura shrimps which also have famous crunchy goodness but without the sushi shape and other ingredients.

There Are Different Kinds of Sushi Roll Tempura You Could Try

The majority of tempura sushi rolls are made with sashimi meat and different kinds of vegetables. Any chef or amateur can get creative by combining different ingredients and inventing unique types of sushi rolls with tempura. However, certain recipes are standard and quite popular among tempura lovers. In the table below, you can see different types of popular sushi rolls and their ingredients.

NameType of tempuraOther ingredients
Tiger rollShrimp tempuraAvocado, fish roe, and cucumber
Dynamite rollShrimp tempuraYellowtail, bean sprouts, carrots, spicy mayo, cucumber, and chili
Spider rollSoft-shell crab tempuraCucumber, spicy mayo, and avocado
Dragon rollShrimp tempuraCucumber, grilled eel, and avocado

Is Sushi Roll Tempura a Healthy Dish?

Japanese cuisine is known for being one of the healthiest in the world, as its dishes generally contain healthy ingredients such as seaweed, vegetables, and raw fish, which are highly nutritive.

Even though sushi is considered to be quite healthy, sushi roll tempura is not so much. Since the ingredients in tempura are deep-fried, this dish is quite high in fat and calories. If you are someone who takes great care of your diet, you might want to inform yourself a bit more about the nutritional value of this meal.

What Is the General Nutrition Value of Tempura Rolls?

The nutritional value of sushi roll tempura depends on the ingredients and type. Generally, one serving (with a standard number of rolls) of vegetable tempura (which is supposed to be the healthiest) has:

  • 270 calories,
  • 19 grams of fat,
  • 24 grams of carbohydrates,
  • 5 grams of protein.

Due to the high fat content, this dish is not ideal for people who wish to take care of their health and diet. The numbers above refer to basic tempura vegetable rolls. However, if you add meat and sauces to it, the calories get higher.

Sushi rolls with shrimp

Is Sushi Roll Tempura Worth Trying Out?

Even though it is not considered a traditional type of sushi, nor is it considered to be healthy, it does not mean that this unique dish is not worth trying. It is quite different from regular traditional sushi but has a very rich and unique taste, especially when combined with tasty sauces. This westernized version of sushi is loved by many, and I am pretty sure you will adore it as well.