What Sushi Is Fried

If you’re a sushi connoisseur and wondering if there’s any other flavor and texture you could try, then you should get to know what sushi is fried? Although it may sound like something you wouldn’t want to taste to avoid spoiling a well-known and unique favor of traditional sushi, you definitely should give it a try. It could become your next favorite snack.

Tempura and California rolls are the most famous fried sushi. These are practically spiced-up maki rolls without soaking all that oil and having an explosion of calories. In fact, this slightly modified Japanese dish remains one of the healthiest foods.

Fried sushi on a wooden board

Become a sushi expert by knowing all the variants of this unique Japanese meal. I’ll show you what sushi is fried and how to make it at your home.

What Sushi Is Fried – Know How Experimenting Lead to the Most Famous Snack Worldwide

When sushi rolls first became popular in the US after World War II, many chefs modified the original receipt by experimenting and adding their own signature. That’s how fried sushi was invented. However, this surely doesn’t mean that modified and fried rolls aren’t delicious! So, here are some of the most delicious and popular types you’ll find on many menus in American restaurants:

  • California Rollthey look practically the same from an inside-out as a nori sushi roll, but with avocado, cucumber, imitation crab, and in some versions tobiko – the flying fish roe.
  • Tempura Roll – like the California rolls, these have the same sheet of nori, but with fried shrimp with some vegetables – cucumber and avocado.
  • Spicy Tuna Roll – a raw tuna wrapped with a sheet of nori and rice and everything mixed with spiced mayonnaise.
  • Dragon Roll – apart from rice from the outside and shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado from the inside, the dragon roll has a pinch of sesame seeds. However, it also has some slices of avocado, tobiko, unagi sauce, and spicy mayonnaise on top.
  • Spider Roll – filled with a part of an avocado, cucumber, roe, daikon sprouts, and spicy mayonnaise and deep-fried with a soft-shell crab.

Does Deep Fried Sushi Get Cooked?

Once you know that sushi can be fried, the real question is, should these rolls be cooked? Many restaurants use already cooked ingredients with tempura style. This means these ingredients are battered and fried. On the other hand, some fish get cooked in the acidic marinade like ceviche that gained popularity in many countries.

A woman slicing salmon

Is Tempura a Type of Sushi?

No matter if you’re new at tasting this Japanese dish, you should know what that crispy part of fried sushi is. It’s tempura. So, practically, tempura isn’t a type of sushi but a frying method that is different from the regular one. You can fry basically any food you want with this popular method, from vegetables to fish. In other words, it’s a crispy coating. So, when you see this term on menus, know what to expect – food dipped in the batter and fried stuff.

Know the Main Differences Between Fried and Tempura Sushi?

When you want to treat yourself in one of the sushi spots, you should know about the main difference between ‘regular’ fried and tempura sushi. The batter is made of eggs, water, flour, and any spice you wish to add. The good thing is that you can use this frying method on basically any food, from vegetables to fish. So, here are the main differences between these two types of frying methods.

Frying methodTempuraTraditional fried
Bread crumbsNoYes

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What Is Panko?

If you’re interested in this innovative version of sushi, you should know what it is that makes it so different from the traditional receipt. It’s panko, the Japanese bread crumbs that are light and crispy. These are unique because they are shaped like flakes and not like standard crumbs. This also boosts their unique texture and makes it a great coating and topping for rolls.

Flakey panko crumbs

Take a Leap and Try the Super Easy Recipe for Fried Sushi Rolls

When you know all the secrets to fried sushi, you probably feel pretty tempted to try to do it yourself. Staying home and preparing an exotic meal like fried sushi can be pretty exciting, especially when you know some super easy guidelines that will help you make it. If you’ve never tried it before, you should start with a simple receipt for a sushi roll with asparagus and salmon. Here are all the ingredients you’ll need:

  • Sushi rice 150g (5 oz),
  • One nori sheet,
  • Asparagus (4-5 sticks),
  • Masago (capelin roe),
  • Salmon filet – sliced,
  • Tempura batter,
  • Panko.

After gathering all the ingredients, ensure your kitchen is equipped with:

  • A chopping knife,
  • Bowls for masago and fish,
  • Chopping board,
  • Plastic zip lock bag for covering the mat,
  • Bamboo rolling mat,
  • Flat plates for panko and tempura batter,
  • Table-top fryer,
  • Metal tongs,
  • Paper napkins.

After everything you need is ready to use, pass to the making process. Don’t worry, it’s super easy, and this meal will be perfect for any occasion. Who wouldn’t love deep-fried, crispy sushi rolls with perfectly cooked asparagus and salmon? And the best thing – you don’t even need a first-grade fish. So, here are the steps you should take:

  • Construct the sushi roll,
  • Roll it and make the roll shape,
  • Deep fry it,
  • Let it sit for a while, and then cut it into pieces,
  • Serve it and enjoy every bite.

Should You Fry Sushi Leftovers?

Not feeling like finishing those rolls that are left after dinner? You don’t have to throw them away when you can simply fry them. In just a few steps, you’ll have a different meal from the leftovers. Coat the rolls in panko or tempura batter, and then place them in a fryer until the rolls get that golden color. If you don’t have the fryer, simply use a pan and ensure there’s enough oil to cover the rolls.

Fried sushi with soy sauce

Try Something New and Experience the Flavor Explosion in Your Mouth

Although it’s not a traditional version of sushi, these innovative sushi specialties have become so popular that many sushi lovers now prefer them over the regular thing. If you’re interested in trying something completely different than the classic way of wrapping raw fish and rice in seaweed, then fried sushi rolls should definitely be on your tasting list. I have to be honest and admit that at first, I was a bit skeptical about all that experimenting, but once you feel that perfectly combined crisp with rice and the fish, you won’t be able to stop eating it.