Is Wagyu Jerky Real Wagyu?

Jerky is a popular snack, but when we see Wagyu jerky on store shelves, the first thing we wonder is whether Wagyu jerky is real Wagyu-or not. It’s normal to be skeptical about it. Wagyu is a world-renowned piece of meat, and jerky can be bought anywhere. Still, many taste tests and checks have confirmed the answer to this question.

So, is Wagyu jerky real Wagyu? Yes, Wagyu jerky is real Wagyu. Jerky is typically made from top and bottom round meat and sometimes flank steak and tenderloin. These are the juiciest parts of cow meat, and making jerky out of them results in having dried but flavorful meat strips. Wagyu isn’t a surprising choice, and its jerky is delicious.

Wagyu jerky is legit and very delicious at that

Whatever kind of jerky you buy, it’ll likely be a delicious, protein-filled snack. Still, Wagyu jerky has a distinct taste that separates it from other sorts and makes it supreme. Learn more about the advantages of Wagyu jerky here.

Is Wagyu Jerky Real Wagyu and Where Can I Get It?

Wagyu jerky is made from real Wagyu beef, and many different businesses produce and sell it. You can get ready-made pieces of Wagyu jerky online or in shops such as Costco.

It would be extremely difficult to replicate the original taste of Wagyu beef because anyone who’s ever tasted it could tell the difference between regular and Wagyu jerky. However, most jerky is marinated before being dried, so taste could sometimes be covered.

If jerky has many spices and herbs, you may question the meat’s origin. In that case, the texture will reveal if your jerky is legitimately Wagyu. Even when cured and dried, Wagyu has a buttery taste. 

When a slab of meat is high-quality, you’re always able to tell, and with Wagyu, getting that slight melt in the mouth even when the meat is fully dehydrated is possible and a surefire sign the jerky is legit.

Is Store Bought Wagyu Jerky Tasty?

You have to remember that Wagyu doesn’t only come from Japan. Many sorts are bred in the US and Australia. When you purchase Wagyu jerky, check the packaging to see its origins.

Likely, Wagyu jerky isn’t originally Japanese since the Japanese sort is the highest-quality around and goes for at least $200 per pound fresh.

However, Australian and US Wagyu are often fed with corn and soy, not grass as in Japan, giving their meat a slightly familiar taste. Still, even Australian and US Wagyu is legitimate Wagyu meat and is more tender than regular pieces of beef.

People in the video below discuss the origins of Wagyu jerky and do taste tests for a few sorts.

Full Blood Wagyu Jerky Bought In-Store Is the Real Deal

If you’re curious about Wagyu jerky, you should check it out. And if you want the ultimate taste for a reasonable price, check the origins of the Wagyu on the package, and see if the jerky price is worth it. Jerky is an expensive snack, but indulging in it is always satisfying, and it will be even more if the meat is Wagyu.