Is Wagyu Beef Good for Jerky?

Jerky strips are dehydrated, seasoned, and cured pieces of lean beef meat that we eat as snacks. People often wonder what the best meat for making jerky is, but since the best meat in the world is Wagyu, the common question is also – is wagyu beef good for jerky?

Wagyu beef is the best kind of meat for jerky. It is marbled with fat, which gives it a distinctive flavor and texture. That’s why it’s great for jerky – you don’t have to worry about removing too much fat from the meat, which is typically done before the marinating and drying processes.

Buying Wagyu beef for jerky is a great way to get a savory, delicious snack

You can purchase packages of Wagyu beef jerky in stores, but you can also make it yourself. Chances are you’ll make a better piece of cured, dried meat than any product for sale. Learn more about using Wagyu beef for jerky.

Is Wagyu Beef Good for Jerky? The Perfect Meat Product for Jerky

Many experts claim Wagyu beef is ideal for jerky pieces, but that’s not surprising since it is considered the best kind of meat globally. The juiciness and tenderness of Wagyu are unmatched, and spicing and curing it for jerky makes it even tastier.

Wagyu is the name for four sorts of Japanese cows, and they’re famous for metabolizing fat into the meat, giving amazing, marble-looking steaks. Wagyu steaks are best cooked rare, but if you wish to turn them into jerky, season them well and follow the culinary steps.You can also use Wagyu flank steak for your jerky, the ultimate meat for this process. Curing and drying it results in juicy yet dried and seasoned pieces. However, the part of the Wagyu cow isn’t that important – most parts of these grass-fed cows taste amazing.

Choosing the best meat for jerky is easy – just go with Wagyu beef

How Can I Make Wagyu Jerky at Home?

The wagyu jerky-making process is pretty simple. It’s comprised of a few steps:

  • Slicing,
  • Marinating,
  • Curing,
  • Smoking,
  • Drying.

To make Wagyu jerky at home, you have to slice your steak into thin strips, get rid of excess fat wherever possible, and marinate it in sauces, herbs, and spices of your choosing. This is the great part of homemade jerky – it can be exactly to your taste.

After marinating, dab the meat to get rid of excess liquid. Drying the beef would be best in a meat dehydrator, but an oven will also suffice. Oven-drying will take around 5 hours, at a lower temperature of about 160 degrees.

The process takes time, but it’s worth the wait because your Wagyu jerky will come out delicious. Add the homemade element to that, and you’ll have a premium snack. For best results, leave the jerky out of the oven for around 24 hours before eating.

You can make delicious Wagyu beef jerky at home, in your oven

If You Want the Best Tasting Pieces of Jerky, Get Wagyu Beef

You can make jerky at home very easily, but if you want it to be out-of-this-world delicious, invest in some tender, juicy Wagyu beef. Follow the process carefully, and you’ll have amazing results within a day or two.

Wagyu beef is the most delicious meat in the world for a reason. If you can find ready-made Wagyu jerky in stores, try it before making your own, and compare the taste. It’s possible that making it yourself will be worth the money a lot more than buying it in-store.