How and When Do You Eat Sushi Ginger?

Sushi ginger is a delicious condiment that can be eaten with sushi or as a side dish. But how and when do you eat it? And what are the best ways to enjoy it? Keep reading for all the info you need on this tasty treat.

So, how and when do you ear sushi ginger? Sushi ginger is eaten between sushi pieces as a palate cleanser. It’s also used as a condiment to add flavor and a bit of heat to sushi rolls.

If you want to know more about eating sushi properly, keep reading. I’ve prepared some interesting facts you need to know.

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How Do You Eat Sushi Ginger and Wasabi

No matter if you’re new at this or not, knowing how to eat all the ingredients you get with sushi is extremely important. The reason why is surely the taste, as you don’t want to ruin the whole experience of eating this Japanese delicacy because you’re unsure when and how to eat ginger and wasabi.

So yes, you should know what are dos and don’ts when adding condiments to sushi. That’s how you’ll get the best taste possible, and you’ll never do it differently again.

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What Is the Right Way to Eat Sushi Ginger or Gari

The ginger that is served with sushi is pickled, and it’s also known as gari. This ginger is finely sliced and has a bit of sweetness. Its mandatory role in the sushi dish is to clean and refresh the palate between each bite. Antifungal and antimicrobial properties enable the pickled ginger to do precisely that.

Since ginger is considered a cleanser, you should consume it between sushi bites. That way, your palate will be ready for another amazing sushi taste without the previous bite taste left in your mouth. So, you can simply think of gari as a drink – you’ll sip it only after chewing.

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Is Ginger Meant to Lay on Top of Sushi?

As you probably have seen in many restaurants, people eat ginger with sushi rolls. But when you eat it with the fish, the subtle fish taste will be overpowered by ginger’s stronger flavor. Also, one thing you probably didn’t know is that ginger shouldn’t be picked with bare hands but with chopsticks. It goes directly in your mouth after each sushi bite and not on top of sushi as many people do.

Should You Mix Wasabi and Soy Sauce?

Know how to incorporate all the ingredients properly you get with your sushi. Only then you’ll get the best sushi taste, and the whole process will surely enhance the entire tasking experience you’ll have to share with all of your family members and friends.

But when you have your dish served, one of the questions that probably comes to your mind is – ”Should I mix soy sauce and wasabi?” By mixing these two ingredients, you’ll change the flavor of both of them. You surely don’t want to ruin that unique soy sauce flavor that most chefs create to complement the sushi.

The same goes for wasabi, too. If the chef decides to serve fresh wasabi, you surely want to enjoy an amazing taste of the stem and not the one from a tube or powder.

What Is the Purpose of Wasabi?

The taste of wasabi is unique and not for everyone because it’s a bit too spicy, but you should still know its purpose. It’s not there to lighten the smell of the fish but to add antimicrobial properties that will help kill any bacteria and prevent potential food poisoning.

Don’t give up on it so easily if you’re not into its burning effect. Luckily, you can drink fresh lemon juice with a bit of vinegar about an hour before tasting wasabi. You can also try salt water and vinegar.

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How to Add Ginger and Wasabi to Your Sushi Properly

Now we come to probably the most important part – correctly eating sushi with all the ingredients that come along with it. For starters, dab one side of the sushi roll into your wasabi and the other side into soy sauce. That way, sushi rice won’t be completely soaked in soy sauce, and wasabi’s flavor won’t overpower the entire sushi bite. It’s a recipe for a perfect balance of all flavors combined. When you swallow sushi, it’s time for pickled ginger. Place one piece in your mouth and be ready for the next perfect bite.

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What Not to Mix With Sushi

Now that you know what goes perfectly with your sushi roll, you need to learn what things shouldn’t be mixed. Yes, sometimes experimenting is a great thing, but if you want to eat perfect sushi, keep in mind the following things before having a bite:

  • Don’t mix wasabi with soy sauce,
  • Never leave chopsticks sticking out of the bowl,
  • Don’t mix sushi and pickled ginger.

Eat Your Sushi Like a Pro

If you’ve been wondering why wasabi and ginger are accompanied by sushi and how to eat them, then you’re at the right place. Ginger is used as a palate cleanser, and you should consume it separately between each sushi bite. It also opens the taste, and you’ll get the full effect. Wasabi adds a little spice, and it’s great for your stomach too. It also aids in the digestion of raw fish. So, the next time you get a plate of sushi, you’ll know exactly what these ingredients do and why they are on your plate.