What Sushi Is the Best?

If you asked Jiro Ono or any other sushi master what sushi is the best, the answer would be the one that follows perfection and tradition. Still, even if you are in the most famous Japanese sushi restaurant, you would want to try out the best sushi. Let’s find out what makes the best sushi.

Determining what sushi is the best will mostly depend on what kind of fish you like. Some people prefer tuna over salmon and another way around, while for someone eating eel or squid is out of the question. But to make the best sushi, you need to follow strict rules.

Salmon and Tuna nigiri

From rice and vegetables to the perfect piece of fish, creating good sushi is considered an art by many. To make excellent sushi, you need to have the best ingredients and the knowledge to prepare them in the right way.

To Find Out What Sushi Is the Best, We Must Start With Types of Sushi

Unless you’ve lived under the rock, then there is no need to explain that there are plenty of sushi dishes out there. They are all made from some type of fish or seafood. In my opinion, the best sushi is the one that is made from the simplest ingredients where you can taste the true flavor of the fish. But before you order your favorite kind of sushi, you need to know which one it is. Namely, make a choice of the fish you prefer. Here are the most common fish and seafood you can see in sushi:

  • Tuna,
  • Salmon,
  • Sea bream,
  • Shrimp,
  • Ark shell,
  • Octopus,
  • Trout,
  • Squid,
  • Crab,
  • Seabass,
  • Scallop,
  • Mackerel,
  • Sweetfish,
  • Yellowtail,
  • Blue marlin,
  • Clams,
  • Swordfish,
  • Eel,
  • Abalone.

There Are Five Types of Sushi Out There

Even though sushi rolls are probably the most popular kind of sushi, there are different types you can try. Each sushi dish is unique and represents a special technique sushi masters must conquer to make it perfect. Every dish has its charms and qualities no one can dispute. And if you are a true sushi lover, you probably tried each of them. Take a look at what kinds of sushi exist and how they are made.

Sushi typeWhat is made ofBest for
NigiriFish or other topping served on palm pressed rice.People who like to experience the true taste of raw fish.
SashimiRaw fish or shellfish served without anythingFor those who like the fish taste more than anything
MakiSushi roll where rice and filling are wrapped in seaweed.For those who don’t like their rice to fall apart
TemakiSushi roll whose ingredients are rolled with seaweed into a cone shapeSingle eat since cones are not easy to share
UramakiSushi roll where rice is on the outsideGood for those who like to enjoy different toppings and flavors

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Find Out What Sushi Rolls Are the Best

The most popular sushi dishes are maki and uramaki, sushi rolls made with all kinds of fish, vegetables, and rice. And there is an abundance of combinations you can try. Which one you will prefer depends on your taste, but in my opinion rolls with fresh fish and simple ingredients are the best. Probably the worst sushi rolls are the ones made with deep-fried shrimp tempura or with toppings such as cream cheese in Philadelphia rolls. Also, I avoid eating all the popular rolls like California. These rolls are usually made with crab imitation, which is probably one of the most unhealthy things you can try. Here are my top picks for rolls:

  • Alaska roll – A uramaki roll where cucumber, avocado, and asparagus are nicely wrapped with rice. On top of the roll, you will be treated with smoked salmon. A perfect combination of fish, rice, and vegetables.
  • Rainbow roll – It contains crab, cucumber, avocado, salmon, tuna, shrimp, and yellowtail. Here you can try out all the popular sushi fish. The downside is that you can not distinguish each fish flavor. It will all be like a bundle of sea taste in your mouth.
  • Dragon roll – This roll is made with eel, cucumber, and avocado. Sometimes it may contain crab sticks, so ask what kind of crab they use.
  • Spicy tuna roll – This is nice to add to other rolls just to spice things up. It contains spicy mayo, sriracha, green onions, and minced tuna, all wrapped in rice.
  • Tuna maki – Another classic dish where you can see the true freshness of the ingredients and the chef’s skills. It only contains tuna, rice, seaweed, cucumber, and a bit of wasabi. 
  • Salmon roll – This is another simple roll that just tastes amazing. It is made of rice sprinkled with black sesame seed, salmon, and seaweed. 

Tuna Nigiri Is for the True Sushi Lovers 

Nigiri, or nigirizushi sushi is the most traditional form of sushi you can try. And most sushi artists will probably recommend this as the best choice for sushi. To make this amazing dish where only rice and fish can be tasted, one must bring its skills of sushi crafting to perfection. Here rice is steamed and made to become perfectly sticky and tasty. The topping is fish of your choice, with tuna or salmon being the most commonly used. In my opinion, the best nigiri is made with the freshest and finest tuna meat. In order to prepare a tuna for a nigiri, a chef needs to learn unique cutting techniques. And, of course, they need to know how to buy good quality tuna.