The Best Sushi Roller

After years of enjoying sushi and other Japanese delicacies, we have started making our own tasty rolls at home. However, in order to master the perfect technique, you will need the proper tools to do it. With our expertise in the field, we have selected the best possible kits to make your maki rolls with minimum effort.

Here are our top four picks:

  1. Delamu Bamboo Sushi Making Kit,
  2. Bambooworx Sushi Making Kit Deluxe,
  3. Delamu Sushi Making Kit,
  4. Delamu 23 in 1 Sushi Maker Bazooker Roller Kit.

1) Delamu Bamboo Sushi Making Kit


This is an excellent kit, especially for someone venturing into the makizushi-making adventure for the first time. Once you get the best rice vinegar for sushi and this kit, add as much raw fish as needed to make enough rolls, and you will easily master it. The whole kit is made out of premium bamboo, and it contains a rice spreader, two rolling mats, and five chopsticks.


This kit isn’t overfilled with utensils and various features. It’s simple and easy to use. These are the main features of the kit:

  • The whole kit is made out of premium bamboo,
  • The utensils are beautifully designed, and the chopsticks have a print of fish on them,
  • You will be provided with a Beginner Guide eBook to your email, once the product is shipped.

What We Like About the Delamu Bamboo Sushi Making Kit

The best things about this kit are the material that is safe to use and the simplicity. It is equally good for masters in sushi making and first-timers. Because it contains only the basics, it’s simple to use and clean after.

What We Don’t Like About It

Although the bamboo helps spread the aroma, some may find the odor of this kit a bit too overwhelming.

It’s simple and easy to useSome may find the bamboo odor too strong
You can clean it without any issues in warm water
The material is high quality and quite durable

2) Bambooworx Sushi Making Kit Deluxe


This kit comes packed inside a nice-looking box. It consists of two rolling mats, a rice spoon, and a rice spreader made out of bamboo. Another simple kit that makes the process of makizushi making pretty straightforward. This kit is also great for masters and beginners, as it contains all the bare essentials usually required to make the perfect rolls.


Besides this being a great gift idea, it’s also a necessity for anyone who wants to make proper sushi rolls. Here are the main features of the kit:

  • It comes with two full-sized rolling mats made out of high-quality bamboo,
  • The rice spreader is also made out of bamboo, and it’s perfect for spreading the rice evenly,
  • The rice spoon also comes with the kit, and it’s used to mix rice and vinegar,
  • The kit comes with five sets of chopsticks.

What We Like About the Bambooworx Sushi Making Kit Deluxe

While very similar to our top choice, this one is maybe a better pick to purchase as a gift. This beginner’s set is also good if you’re planning on throwing a party and want to surprise your guests with a creamy and melty taste of fish.

What We Don’t Like About It

The mats didn’t endure for very long after we’ve used them multiple times and hand-washed them. They were still usable but showed some signs of wear and tear. However, it’s still a good value for money.

It’s basic and easy to useThe mats are not to be used in the long term
The packaging is perfect as a gift case
The material is high-quality bamboo

3) Delamu Sushi Making Kit


A more versatile kit than the first two, it contains three sushi kits. It has a basic kit ideal for beginners. Besides two bamboo mats, it has one rice mold, two temaki sushi rollers, a knife for slicing, a rice spreader, a paddle, five pairs of chopsticks, and a guidebook. Everything is packed in an elegant box, and the knife will help you cut as many pieces of sushi in a sushi roll as you like.


Basic kits are a must-have for every sushi maker, but this kit could be just what you need to make the perfect maki rolls. Here’s what it features:

  • Two bamboo mats are 9.5×9 inches,
  • The beginner’s guide will arrive as an attachment in the email after the product is shipped,
  • It stores perfectly if you have washed it and dried it completely,
  • The bamboo is of high quality, so it naturally distributes the aroma.

What We Like About the Delamu Sushi Making Kit

The best thing about this versatile kit is that you can use it in different ways. The additional utensils will allow you to make basic maki rolls but also temaki sushi and nigiri without any fuss. The packaging is also nice, so you won’t make any mistakes if you decide to purchase it as a gift.

What We Don’t Like About It

These utensils are a great addition, but the downside is that you won’t receive a box or a package for storing.

The sushi knife is sharp enough to easily slice the fish and vegetablesIt doesn’t come with a storage box, so you’ll have to keep it separate from other utensils
The rice spreader can be used for maki rolls, but also to make onigiri
The instructions are easy to follow

4) Delamu 23 in 1 Sushi Maker Bazooker Roller Kit


The most versatile kit on this list is perhaps a bit too much for beginners, but it’s excellent if you already know your way around Japanese cuisine. It contains everything you will need to make the makizushi and consume it later. The additional sauce bowls are an excellent addition to the kit.


This bamboo kit is a great option for more experienced in sushi making. The main features of this product are:

  • You will receive five sushi makers inside the kit – bamboo mats, bazooka roller, nigiri/gunkan/triangle maker,
  • Additionally, this package comes with an avocado knife and an oil brush,
  • Five pairs of chopsticks and two chopstick holders are also included,
  • The sauce bowls are very pretty and a great addition.

What We Like About the Delamu 23 in 1 Sushi Maker Bazooker Roller Kit

With this kit, you won’t be asking yourself when to eat sushi, but instead – how much sushi in a week is too much for you? It’s perfect for experienced Japanese cuisine lovers, as it contains everything you need to make makizushi and other delicacies.

What We Don’t Like About It

The instructions are included, but it might be a bit unclear as to how to use the bazooka roller. Also, if you want to purchase it as a gift, keep in mind that the sticky labels won’t come off that easily.

It’s a great value for moneyThe bazooka roller may be a bit too hard to use for a beginner
The set contains everything you might need when making makizushiThe sticky labels won’t come off easily
It’s easy to make several rolls with this kit

What To Look for When Buying

How known is the brand?

Buying an unknown brand will come with uncertainties. You may get great value for your money, or it might be a gamble, so you end up with an unusable product. So the best thing about popular brands is that it guarantees product quality.

Description and details

It’s important to look at the description of the product and see the features it offers. Some of the features may prove unnecessary for you, while others are mandatory for mastering the art of sushi making.

The rankings and customer reviews

When you narrow down the choices for your sushi kits, you can decide between several of them by looking at the reviews and checking whether there were any issues. Although, an overall rating from a large number of customers will tell you everything you need to know at first glance.

Final Verdict – the Best Sushi Roller

Delamu Bamboo Sushi Making Kit

Although this kit may seem a bit too basic, it’s everything you need to make maki rolls in an instant. The premium bamboo is easily cleaned and stored, and the kit is really straightforward, even for first-timers! While you may add some utensils to the basics later, this is what you will always use when you make your maki rolls.


What are the advantages of a sushi roller?

If you are a lover of Japanese cuisine (like us!), a good kit will be a lifelong companion. A high-quality bamboo mat and some additional utensils are necessary tools for anyone who wants to make proper makizushi.

Can you use the kit to make inside-out rolls?

Each kit can be used to invert your rolls and place the fish on the outside of the makizushi. It’s done by using a piece of cellophane wrap that you place on the roller.