Ramen Ya Menu

If you are visiting or living in Hawaii and want to eat some delicious authentic Asian food, you should definitely check the Ramen Ya menu, as they have a lot of dishes to offer.

People eating using chopsticks

Ramen Ya restaurants can be found in two places in Hawaii, Maui and O’ahu. They offer a wide variety of Asian dishes, with ramen being the most popular item. However, the menus differ a bit between these two locations, especially when it comes to price, so it’s not bad to know the differences when ordering.

Ramen Ya Has Two Different Menus According to the Location

When you enter their website, you will see the option to choose between two different menus, the Maui menu and the O’ahu menu. The main differences are the following:

  • The O’ahu menu is less expensive than the Maui,
  • The O’ahu menu has a few more items than the Maui,
  • The Maui menu has a slightly better kid’s meal offer (drinks are not included in the O’ahu menu).

The differences are not drastic, but the fact that the O’ahu menu is more affordable is enough for many to opt for this location.

This Restaurant Is Known for Its Ramen, so Let Us Start by Comparing a Few Ramen Dishes

The famous Japanese ramen noodles are certainly the most prominent Ramen Ya menu item. The restaurant offers a lot of different types of ramen, which are all present on both menus. However, the cost of ramen is the main difference, and here are some examples:

Spicy Seafood Ramen$11.50$12.50
Miso Ramen$10.95$11.95
Seafood Ramen$12.50$13.50
Wonton Ramen$11.25$12.25

As you can see, the difference is one dollar between these menu items, and that pretty much goes for all other varieties of ramen. However, there are menu items like curry ramen, which cost 70 cents less in O’ahu. All in all, it’s worth ordering some restaurant-made ramen if you have been ordering ramen from Amazon for some time now.

A bowl of ramen

The O’ahu Menu Has One Fried Noodle and One Curry Dish More Than the Maui Menu

When it comes to price, it is pretty much the same for all dishes. The Maui menu is, on average, a dollar more expensive than the O’ahu menu. However, the O’ahu also offers more dishes, and here specifically, it is the Cold Soba dish which the Maui menu doesn’t have. Again, the Maui menu has more expensive curry dishes (the difference is just one dollar). However, the O’ahu menu has a croquette curry rice dish, which the Maui menu doesn’t have.

When It Comes to Combo Sets, the O’ahu Offers One More Set, but a More Expensive One

Combo sets are pretty popular in Ramen Ya as they include different dishes for a good price. The price difference is the same, and here are the three combo sets that both menus have:

  • Ramen set – Consists of mini ramen and four pieces of gyoza,
  • Wonton soup set – Consists of wonton soup and four pieces of gyoza,
  • Gyoza teishoku – Consists of an egg soup, six pieces of jumbo gyoza, and steamed rice.

When ordering any of these combo sets, you will also have the option to choose one side dish like mini fried rice, machiko chicken, or chicken katsu curry. However, as mentioned above, the O’ahu menu has one more set to offer – the unagi set ( which consists of unagi rice, miso soup, and four pieces of gyoza). This combo set is the most expensive ($17.95, while the rest are $12.95).

The Price of Side Orders Are Pretty Much the Same

When it comes to side orders, there isn’t much difference. The O’ahu menu has one more item, croquette. The prices are more or less the same; the difference is usually no more than 50 cents. For example, shrimp tempura costs 45 cents more on the Maui menu, and mochiko chicken costs 25 cents more.

Definitely Check Out What Ramen Ya Has to Offer if You Love the Asian Cuisine

Asian cuisine is considered to be one of the healthier ones, even though most of the dishes on these two menus are basically fast food. Finally, to conclude the comparison, each dollar counts, and if you want to save money, then ordering from one of the O’ahu locations is certainly more cost-effective.