What Is Shrimp Sashimi?

What is shrimp sashimi? Not many people know that a Japanese delicacy called sashimi commonly includes high-quality shrimp. This mouth-watering dish is in high demand because of its unique texture and flavor. The shrimp’s sweetness makes this type of sashimi delicious.

Shrimp sashimi is a traditional Japanese dish made from thin slices of fresh shrimp that are served raw, usually on a bed of shredded daikon radish. Different types of shrimp can be used to prepare the dish, and it is considered a delicacy in many areas.

Shrimp on a plate

Upon venturing into Japanese cuisine, many people first get introduced to different types of sushi, and sashimi gets left in the background. However, the beauty of this particular dish is that it can be served with different numbers of seafood and fish. Sashimi prepared with shrimp is a true delicacy because of its taste and crisp texture. Here you’ll find out more about the dish and the preparation process.

What Is Shrimp Sashimi?

The first course in any formal Japanese meal is usually sashimi. It can take many forms since there are sashimi rolls and even sashimi salad. It consists of fresh raw fish and meat that are eaten with soy sauce. One of the most popular types of sashimi is shrimp sashimi.

The main ingredient is skillfully sliced shrimp that is placed over a garnish, usually Asian white radish that is shredded into strips. The freshness of the shrimp is of the utmost importance when preparing this delicacy. One can eat it with wasabi paste, fresh ginger, fresh garlic, or just soy sauce. Japanese chefs regard the meal as the finest in formal dining.

Sashimi salmon and shrimp

Why Should You Try Shrimp Sashimi?

When thinking about buying sashimi and trying it for the first time, you should immediately consider trying a dish that includes shrimp. No other type of this delicacy can highlight the natural ingredient and sweet flavor like shrimp sashimi. The subtle sweetness and crips yet bouncy texture of the seafood is superbly pleasant to the palette.

Dipping the sashimi in soy sauce or adding a bit of wasabi on top will create an intense flavor mixed with a bit of sweetness, which is exactly what makes the dish delicious.

What Types of Shrimp Sashimi Are There?

Selecting the perfect shrimp sashimi might be challenging since there is more than one type of shrimp used to make it. Even though the quality of the meal will primarily depend on the preparation, it’s important to know that there are different varieties you can choose from. On that note, here are the common varieties that can be used:

  • Kuruma Ebi (Japanese Tiger Prawn),
  • Ama Ebi (Sweet Shrimp),
  • Sakura Ebi (Cherry Blossom Shrimp),
  • Botan Ebi (Botan Shrimp).

How Is Shrimp Sashimi Prepared?

Chefs who want to be the best at preparing this Japanese delicacy have to be highly skillful and meticulous. One might think that the process of making sashimi vs. making sushi is different, but this is not the case.

Every preparation starts with gathering specific kitchen equipment such as a sashimi knife, cutting board, and other utensils required for prepping seafood. Cleanliness is the number one priority when dealing with raw fish. Therefore, the chef’s hands and all the utensils have to be thoroughly cleaned before handling the food.

Then, the shrimp has to be carefully defrosted in a cool environment between 33 °F and 38 °F. It’s vital not to let the seafood get warm. Next, the back of the shrimp has to be cut and the middle side of the back pierced. The entire vein has to be discarded. Then, the shell gets peeled, and the shrimp is cleaned under cold running water. It should be cut into thin slices.

If it takes too long to dress the shrimp and add the garnish, put some ice underneath the shrimp to keep it cold. Before finishing the meal, a splash of vinegar and chili will make it even tastier. Depending on your preferences, the sashimi can be served over a bed of ice.

A bowl full of shrimp

What Ingredients Are Required for Making Shrimp Sashimi?

If you want to try this recipe out for yourself and see just how tasty it really is, you need to know the necessary ingredients that go into preparing it. Here is a chart with all that is needed and appropriate quantities.

Live shrimp1 pound
Peeled daikon radish1
Thinly sliced lemon1
Chili oil¼ teaspoons
Wasabi½ teaspoon
Soy sauceOne cup
Ice blocks

Try This Japanese Delicacy, and You Won’t Have Any Regrets

The first bite of the shrimp sashimi will be the sole proof that this unique dish is incredibly appetizing. The texture and flavor make it extraordinary, but when paired with additional ingredients like fresh ginger or dark soy sauce, it is unparalleled to anything else. Explore other varieties of shrimp and find the one that best suits your taste. If you are interested in Japanese cuisine, gather all the necessary ingredients and try to make it yourself. It is worth it.