Is Korra Related To Katara?

The Legend of Korra, an exciting sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender, depicts the adventurous journey of the lead character named Korra who is an immediate reincarnation of the Avatar Aang. The series is very complex and many fans have questions about Korra’s family tree. In this article, we will provide you with an answer to a popular question – Is Korra related to Katara?

No, Korra is not related in any way to Katara. Her parents are Tonraq and Senna. This question arises often since Korra bears resemblance to Katara.

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Is Korra Related To Katara?

Avatar Korra is not related to Katara even though they look alike. Korra was born in the Southern Water Tribe and she is the daughter of Senna and Tonraq. Her father, Tonraq is the son of the leader of the Southern Tribe while her mother is Senna, another waterbender. She is considered to be related only to the former incarnations of the Avatar.

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Why Does Korra Look Like Katara?

Katara is the lead female character in Avatar: The Last Airbender and Korra is the lead female character from the Legend of Korra. Both of them are from the Water Tribe. From the start, some aspects needed to be the same with both characters. But, they also have almost the same look. Their eyes have the same shape and color while their hair is also similar.

These similarities sparked a fan theory on the Internet which concludes that Korra needed to look like Katara. Korra actually bears resemblance to Avatar Aang’s girlfriend. The theory is that every Avatar shares some facial features with his predecessor’s love interest. Other characters that prove this theory are:

  • Kyoshi looks like Kuruk’s wife,
  • Roku looks like Kyoshi’s girlfriend,
  • Aang looks like Roku’s wife.

Why Are Looks So Important to The Series?

The main reason why this theory is proven to be right is that the creators of the series wanted to connect The Legend of Korra and Avatar: The Last Airbender in a more profound way. The fact that Katara and Korra are similar just places the importance on looking back at the themes of the previous series and how it translates to the new one. They are not just members of the same Tribe – they are not related, but they are nevertheless connected.

When it comes to other Avatars, the theme of the similar facial features of the predecessor’s love interest shows that the characters they loved stay with them long after their lifetime. The love they had for their significant other manifests in an inspiring way in the next Avatar.

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Katara Is Korra’s Mentor

After the end of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Avatar Aang and Katara had three kids together, Bumi, Tenzin, and Kya. Tenzin becomes Korra’s spiritual and airbending mentor. But when Aang dies, Katara is the one who takes on the role of training the reincarnated Avatar. She trains Korra in waterbending. But, now Katara is 85 years old and she remains with the Southern Water tribe when Korra leaves and goes to the Republic City where the setting of the Legend of Korra is.

What’s Korra’s Purpose in The Legend Of Korra

The series, The Legend of Korra, follows the events 70 years after The Last Airbender. Korra’s adventures are the main focus since she gets Avatar’s role after Aang dies. Korra has the ability to connect with her prior lives which is also a present theme in the original series. She can communicate with numerous Avatars, her predecessors. After Korra loses her memory, two mentors, Kyoshi and Kuruk help her.

Who Are Other Characters in the Series Apart From Korra and Katara?

Korra is the main female lead character and Katara is, in this series, a mentor, but there are other interesting characters worth mentioning. Have a look at our table below where you will find more about exciting anime characters from this series.

CharacterVoiced ByAbout the Character
MakoDavid FaustinoA firebender named Mako meets Korra through his younger brother Bolin. They both have grown up in Republic City. Before he became a police officer, he was a Fire Ferret’s captain.
BolinP. J. ByrneAn earthbender, Bolin is Mako’s brother. A charismatic and optimistic character who found a way into acting.
Asami SatoSeychelle GabrielHiroshi Sato’s daughter, Asami Sato has enjoyed a luxurious life but she is tough as well. She is very interested in pro-bending and she is a very capable driver.

This Information Will Allow You To Enjoy The Series More

With a myriad of different characters, the series and the story can get difficult to follow. Many mistakenly think that Korra and Katara are related in some way, but the truth is that the resemblance rests on the fact that Korra simply has Katara’s facial features. This is in line with the fan theory about Avatars bearing resemblance to the previous Avatar’s significant other. With this information, you will be able to follow the story better and understand all connections to Avatar: Last Airbender.