Can Origami Be Made With Regular Paper?

Origami is an awesome hobby to undertake. But, getting hold of actual origami paper can be challenging sometimes. It is quite a specific product. Can you use regular paper instead? Will it produce an equally as good end result? 

Yes, origami can be made with regular paper. Regular paper can be used for simpler origami models or for practicing. If your goal is to do things like practice, do beginner origami, or do origami for kids, then regular paper could work.

Will using regular paper for origami work?

So, you have found yourself immersed in the wonderful, creative, and sometimes challenging world of origami. The only problem is that you have no idea where to find origami paper and, when you eventually do find it, you realize that this is not as cheap a hobby as you may have thought. I know. I have been there. 

Using regular paper for origami is the next, most logical option. It is something you will likely find around the house, and it is inexpensive (or free). Regular copy paper will do the trick, depending on what you want to make. 

Complicated origami models consist of many complex folds. The reason why copy paper is not suitable for this kind of origami is that it is simply not flexible enough. 

If your goal is to do things like practice, do beginner origami, or do origami for kids, then regular paper could work. As long as there is not too much complex folding involved. 

When looking at the differences between the two, origami paper is much thinner than regular paper, which makes it easier to fold. Also, most origami paper comes in square sheets, unlike rectangular copy printer. Because of this, you will need to prepare your copy paper before using it. 

How to make the perfect square from regular paper

Before you can use regular paper to make origami, it needs to be in a perfect square shape. There are many different ways to do this, but the easiest way and best way is as follows:

  1. Take a regular sheet of paper and fold the left corner to the right side. 
  2. After you have folded it, cut off the bottom rectangle.
  3. Open it up ,and you will have a perfect square with a diagonal crease.

Once you have done this, you can follow the instructions of whichever origami model you would like to make, using the regular paper. 

What to know about real origami paper

Origami is different from regular paper because of its texture and how thin it is. However, not all origami paper is the same. Origami paper has a world of its own. There are so many different types, and each of these has slight variations and can be used for different types of origami. Some are for beginners or just for casual practicing. Others are for folding complex and intricate models.

Examples of types of origami paper include:

  • Kami
  • Kraft
  • Tant
  • Washi, Chiyogami and Yuzen

These are really just a few examples, but each one has something in common with the other – they are thin and have a delicate feel (although most are not fragile at all, even though they may feel that way). 


Kami is probably the most well-known type of origami paper because it is best for beginners. The Japanese word “kami” literally translates to “paper”. If you want to play around with different origami ideas, Kami is a good choice because it is very easy to use. It is also inexpensive and the easiest to find. 


Kraft comes from Germany. It is actually used for gift wrapping, but people have started to use it for origami because of the fact that it is thin and still very strong. It is made from wood pulp.


Tant is made in Japan and is popular because of its flexibility. It is used for both simple and advanced origami models. Tant is very thin and delicate, so it needs to be handled carefully. This kind of paper is popular for origami that is made to be photographed because of how the light reflects off of it. 

Washi, Chiyogami and Yusen

Washi paper is made using plant fibers. It is traditional Japanese paper and features different Japanese designs, which will make models look like authentic origami. Chiyogami and Yusen are both different types of Washi paper that have gold colors mixed into them. 

This is beautiful paper, but it is generally only used for simple designs because it is quite thick. 

Which other types of paper can you use for origami?

If you really want to do origami, but you do not even have regular paper at hand, there are still a lot of good options. Again, these are things that you probably already have at home. Some of them might even be better to use than copy paper, and some may give you results that will look as if you had used real origami paper. 


Let’s be honest – not many people still read an actual newspaper. But, if you are one of those that does or if you live somewhere where they are delivered to your door, a newspaper is a great material for origami creations. It folds easily, and the writing will make your origami look interesting and beautiful. 

Wrapping paper

This is an awesome option because wrapping paper usually comes in a bunch of great colors and patterns, so you can make some really beautiful origami with it. Instead of buying rolls of wrapping paper, you should use the flat, folded sheets that you get at craft shops. They are cheap, and they are thin and strong enough to make it easy to fold them. 

Baking paper or wax paper

Baking paper is something you very likely have in the kitchen. It can be used for origami, but it does depend on the type of brand that you have. Some are a little thicker and less transparent, and this can make it harder to fold them. 

Tissue paper

Tissue paper allows for a lot of folding, and it makes the perfect origami flowers, especially lotus flowers. However, it is very delicate, so you will have to work with extra care to prevent it from tearing. 


Regular paper definitely can be used for origami. But, it does depend on the type of origami craft or model that you want to make.

Regular paper is better suited for the more simple origami crafts that do not require as much folding as the more complex ones. Some models such as hearts, airplanes, and simple animals, are designed to be made with thicker paper. 

It definitely is a sufficient option if you are looking for something around the house to use for practicing origami models. If you choose to use regular paper, you should definitely use copy or printer paper and not card stock paper or thick color paper. These definitely will not do because they are not flexible enough, and the end result will not come out the way you want it to. The internet is full of creative ideas for origami crafts with regular paper or any other paper you might have lying around at home. Remember that focus in origami is more on the actual folding than the kind of paper used to fold. Besides, origami is about being creative. So, get creative and try doing it the unconventional way.