What Is Ramen Sushi?

Just as we all thought sushi couldn’t get more innovative and creative, ramen sushi appears to set the tone for modern cuisine. While it’s not a staple in any restaurant, this creation took the Internet by storm when it first came out. Let’s find out what is ramen sushi anyway and how you can make this specialty at home.

Ramen sushi is a roll in which rice is replaced with instant noodles. It isn’t served in restaurants or made as a gourmet meal; instead, it was devised by a YouTube creator called The Vulgar Chef for a cooking competition. The recipe is available online, and the ingredients are all pretty much available anywhere.

Two women eating sushi with chopsticks in a restaurant
Sushi can be many things, which is why people experiment with it so often

If you’re curious to know more about the strange and fantastic creation of ramen sushi, keep reading.

What Is Ramen Sushi? The Creation That Took the Internet by Storm

In 2014, a popular YouTube creator and cook called The Vulgar Chef created a new form of sushi with ramen noodles. He took a packet of instant ramen noodles and melted cheese, and made a mass that looked similar to sticky rice from afar.

He used the cheesy ramen noodles and nori seaweed to wrap the ingredients. There wasn’t any rice in this sushi roll recipe, to begin with. In a way, he combined the most popular foods from Japan and gave an instant classic, noodles, a more refined look and purpose by turning them into sushi.

This delicacy currently can’t be found on Marcoux’s social media pages, but luckily, enough sources have introduced this dish and its recipe for it to live on. If you’re curious about the taste of this unusual sushi roll, you can always try making it at home.

The Best Part Is – The Ingredients are Cheap and Easy to Find

The central ingredients of the ramen sushi roll are kimchi and scallops. While these ingredients are slightly less affordable than a packet of instant noodles, they’re not impossible to find. If you decide to make this outlandish meal at home, you can use tuna, salmon, veggies, and anything else you like as your middle.

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Who Is The Vulgar Chef? He Makes Strange Food Combos That Work

Kyle Marcoux, online known as The Vulgar Chef, is a content creator and cook that makes outlandish meals and food combinations. His recipes seem to be a mix of jokes and actual cooking skills.

Some of the examples of The Vulgar Chef’s creations are Franks n’ Beans Popsicles (a popsicle version of a hearty sausage and beans meal,) Postmodern Grilled Cheese (a grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with another, tiny grilled cheese sandwich,) and Rice Krispies Treats bun burger (a beef patty, bacon, and peanut butter stuffed between two Rice Krispies buns.)

It’s unsure if Marcoux wants people to recreate his recipes or not, but based on his bizarre ingredient combinations and meal forms, you may not want to be the first to do so. However, ramen sushi seems like something doable and potentially tasty.

You Can Check Out His Recipes on YouTube and Instagram

Marcoux calls his creations “dumpster fires” on his main website, but you can find more visually confusing content on his other social media pages, such as Instagram and YouTube. If you’re interested in seeing what else his mind can come up with, make sure to check out his work.

How to Make the Vulgar Chef’s Ramen Sushi (If You Dare to Do It at Home)

If by any chance, you become interested in making ramen sushi at home, I got you covered. Here’s what you’ll need for your noodle rolls, as created by The Vulgar Chef. Remember that you can always switch out scallops and kimchi for something less strong-flavored or more accessible. I’d recommend chicken or tuna and some veggies like cucumbers and carrots.

For this recipe, you’ll need:

  • 2 packets of instant noodles,
  • 1 pack of shredded cheese,
  • 2 nori seaweed sheets,
  • Scallops,
  • Kimchi, shredded or cut into strips,
  • Bacon strips,
  • Sriracha,
  • Fresh basil.

Cook the instant noodles, drain them, and add shredded cheese while they’re still hot. This will make the ramen sticky and easier to wrap. Use a rolling bamboo mat for the sushi roll, but cover it with plastic wrap because the cheese will make it very sticky.

Coat the plastic wrap with spray cooking oil, place the noodles and seaweed and form them into a square shape together. Put scallops and kimchi in the middle of the nori sheet. Start rolling the ramen sushi with the help of the bamboo mat.

Fry the bacon strips as desired, cut the ramen sushi into smaller pieces, and place the bacon strips on top of each piece. Drizzle with sriracha and garnish with fresh basil. You now have a very new recipe on your plate in the form of ramen sushi.

Enjoy the Strange Mashup of Japanese All-Time Favorite Foods

If you’ve already heard of The Vulgar Chef and are a fan by chance, you will have heard of the ramen sushi delicacy for sure. He’s no stranger to making caloric fast-food look gourmet or making homemade meals look entirely out of place.

Lovers of authentic sushi will likely wince at the sight and idea of ramen sushi. However, this traditional Japanese dish has been reimagined throughout history in multiple ways; nowadays, many Japanese restaurants in the US primarily serve American sushi rolls over the traditional ones.

If you can have a little fun and not take traditional dishes seriously, you’ll see the humor and genius in something as wild as a ramen sushi roll. Let me know if you made it and how it went.