What Is a Dallas Filet?

There are many popular types of steak out there, but Dallas filet might be among the most well-loved ones. This steak is served at Texas Roadhouse. But what is a Dallas filet?

What is a Dallas filet? Dallas filet is a type of beef steak that has been tenderized before being rolled in bread crumbs and deep-fried. Usually, it’s served with some kind of sauce. In most cases, it will be BBQ sauce, although it’s great when combined with a sauce made out of Worcestershire and red wine.

A steak on a plate with fries and sauce

In this text, I will cover the topic of how the Dallas filet is made, and what’s the difference between this type of steak and others.

What Is a Dallas Filet?

There are many steaks offered in restaurants, but there’s a reason why Dallas filet is among the most popular ones. This pan-fried, golden brown piece of meat is sought because of several things. It’s a beef steak made tender, then coated in a mixture of eggs and bread crumbs. After it’s been deep fried, it’s served with some type of sauce.

When it comes to tenderness, it’s probably where this steak shines the most. It’s prepared in such a way that you will get the feeling that each bite melts in your mouth. To top it all off, it’s usually served with one of two choice dishes. You can consume it with fries or with a side of mashed potatoes with garlic. The steak itself is lean and simple, yet delicious.

What Cut of Meat Is It Made Of?

Beef can be cut in many ways, and different parts of a cow can be used to make different types of dishes – from wagyu burgers to regular burgers. But when it comes to steak, there are several types of meat cuts, and they include the following:

  • The Dallas filet is made from the filet cut. It’s most delicate, tender, and soft, while it’s also the leanest cut.
  • One of the most sought-after types of cuts is bone-in filet because butchers can only two out of each steer.
  • Some other dishes use the porterhouse cut. It’s a thicker cut of meat, and it’s usually marbled with some fat. kind of like wagyu beef which is, in truth, much more expensive, as it comes only from wagyu cows.
  • The triangular-shaped steak cut is the t-bone. This type of steak is usually served with some sort of sauce.
  • One of the most popular types of cuts is the rib eye, and it’s usually fatty.
  • One of the cuts that are among the most sought-after is the bone-in rib eye. This is due to the fact that besides being a bit fatty, it’s also flavorful.

Sirloin, Filet Mignon, or New York Strip – Which Is Better?

When it comes to the different types of steaks, you will realize that the most common in any restaurant is the sirloin and the filet. If you want a larger steak no matter its price, the sirloin is what you are looking for, although it’s somewhat more expensive. The more affordable of the two is the filet steak, but it’s also somewhat smaller. You will also notice that the sirloin is slightly leaner than the filet, while it is also more flavorful.

When it comes to the most tender cut of steak, it is without a doubt – the filet mignon. This type of cut originates from the center of the beef tenderloin. It is very lean and it guarantees a buttery succulence that simply melts in your mouth. This type of filet is perfect for pan-searing, grilling, and broiling in any type of oven. Although you may obtain it in several weights, a filet mignon is perfect for one individual.

However, many people prefer New York strip steak. The New York strip has much more marbling all through the meat, making it far more moist and soft than the filet, which is still a fantastic steak. The steak’s flavor is extremely excellent and buttery because of the fat that surrounds it.

A cut steak on a plate

The Differences Between Cuts

If you are not versed in different types of steaks, it’s good to know how the cuts differ. The table below lists some of the key differences.

Type of cutOriginates fromTexture
SirloinIt’s cut from the top of the cow’s backIt’s flavorful and larger than other types
FiletIt’s cut from muscle near the spinal columnIt’s a tender type of meat
Filet mignonThis steak is cut from tenderloin. It’s part of the loin primalIt’s buttery and melty
New York stripIt’s cut from the short loin. It’s a muscle that does less work, so it’s fattierIt has more marble throughout the meat

Which Type of Steak Is the Most Tender?

If you are interested in the Texas Roadhouse menu, you are also probably wondering what you should try and which steak is the most tender one. Dallas Filet is definitely one of the best things this restaurant has on the menu. It’s so tender that you won’t believe it, and packed with authentic and rich, melty flavor. If you want to have a great steak experience at this restaurant, you won’t be disappointed with the Dallas Filet.

What Else Can I Try at Texas Roadhouse?

Grilled shrimp is without a doubt the dish to get at Texas Roadhouse if you’re searching for something absolutely exquisite. These shrimp are utterly delicious and perfectly cooked. The baked potatoes at Texas Roadhouse are another excellent dish to order. These potatoes have crunchy skin and a lovely creamy sauce on top. The bone-in ribeye is the ideal meal if you’re in the mood for some ribs. These ribs are succulent and tasty, and they will leave you feeling full.

A rib eye with some fries and sauce

You Can Try Many Different Steaks, but Dallas Filet Is the Best

If you’re planning on visiting Texas Roadhouse, you’ll realize that all of their dishes are tasty, and will not disappoint. What you will order will definitely depend on your mood, and whatever you’re in for, you’ll probably find it on their menu. However, Dallas Filet is the best thing they have on the menu, and it will fulfill your need for tender, deep-fried beef, that comes with an addition of a sauce and a side dish.