Is Costco A5 Wagyu legit?

Wagyu is a world-renowned type of beef that comes from Japan. It’s known for its rich, buttery taste and heavy marbling that makes the steak more tender and delicious. Since Japan is far from the US, the Costco A5 Wagyu‘s quality may raise eyebrows. So, is Costco A5 Wagyu legit?

Yes, Costco A5 Wagyu is legit. Costco A5 Wagyu is sourced from Japan and comes from cattle that have been graded A5 by the Wagyu Association of Japan. This is the highest possible grade, and it means that the beef is of exceptional quality.

Will it indeed be worth buying Wagyu at Costco? If you have the budget, why not

While the straight answer to the question of whether Costco’s A5 Wagyu is legit is ‘yes,’ there is more to be learned about this supreme piece of meat and its value.

Is Costco A5 Wagyu Legit? The People’s Experiences

Costco’s most surprising thing about selling an A5 grade type of Wagyu beef is the price. Since it’s originally much more expensive than what it goes for in Costco, getting it for a seemingly great deal is the biggest reason for everyone’s suspicion.

Costco’s price per pound for a boneless ribeye Wagyu steak is $66.67, which is a reasonable price for such classy meat that typically sells for $200 and more per pound. Costco claims their Wagyu was imported from the Kagoshima prefecture in Japan and comes with a certificate of authenticity.If you have some extra cash in your budget to buy a few Wagyu steaks locally, that’s all that matters. People who’ve purchased and tasted Costco’s A5 Wagyu were delighted by its taste and texture.

What Does the A5 Grade Mean?

The meat-producing industry has grades for all types of meat, and each country has its grading system. Wagyu is Japanese beef, graded based on the Japanese Meat Grading Association (JMGA) criteria. The JMGA has created an alphanumeric grading system, where the letters grade how much of the animal’s meat is usable, and the numbers grade the quality of the meat. This is the criteria:

  • A grade – 72% and above of the beef is usable,
  • B – 69% and above,
  • C – under 69%
  • 1 – Poor quality meat,
  • 2 – Below average,
  • 3 – Average,
  • 4 – Good,
  • 5 – Excellent.

According to this scale, the A5 Wagyu sold by Costco has 72% and more usable meat, and it’s of excellent quality.

The A5 Wagyu rating is the best possible rating according to Japanese standards

Is It Worth Buying the Costco A5 Wagyu?

It’s definitely worth giving Costco’s A5 Wagyu beef a try. When you head to the store to pick out the best steak you’ll ever have, make sure to look at the marbling. The secret of the flavor is in the marbled fat, which is why this meat is so specific and memorable.

To prepare it well, make sure to cut it into thin strips and only give it a dash of salt and pepper as seasoning. Trying Wagyu will be one of the best moments of your life, and the one at Costco seems to promise that experience.