How to Cook Rice Ramen Noodles?

Japanese cuisine is full of interesting dishes and ingredients that are quite different from the food you are familiar with. If you decide to indulge in some Japanese culinary traditions and try preparing some of their dishes – you might want to start with the basics. How to cook rice ramen noodles – is a question that bothers many ramen lovers. Luckily, today I am sharing all the best tips and common misconceptions about rice ramen.

Rice ramen noodles

Rice ramen should not be cooked in hot boiling water but gently soaked in hot water for a couple of minutes. Once the rice noodles are well soaked, they should be rinsed with cold water to get the optimal texture. If you want them to be tastier, you can also try and cook them in ramen broth.

When Cooking Rice Ramen Noodles, Don’t Put Them in the Boiling Water

Putting rice noodles in boiling hot water, as you would do with various kinds of other pasta products, is the biggest mistake you could make when trying to cook the best ramen. The correct way to cook these noodles is by simply soaking them in hot water and covering them completely.

The noodles should be soaked for around 6 to 10 minutes, depending on your cooking type. You can give them a gentle swish so they can separate and soak in evenly. Once the noodles are done soaking, drain the water and rinse them under cold water.

The texture should be soft and sticky after soaking in hot water. However, once you wash them with cold water, they won’t have such a starchy texture. When you are done with this process – you can continue cooking them according to the recipe instructions of the meal you are preparing.

Ramen with rice noodles

What Are Rice Ramen Noodles Made of?

You probably already know that rice noodles are one of the main ingredients in traditional Japanese ramen, which make this dish extra delicious. However, even though these rice ramen noodles look like typical pasta – they are nothing alike. The rice noodles are made from rice flour and water as the two main ingredients, and they do not contain eggs or any other animal products.

Because they are made in their own specific way, they must be cooked and served in a particular method. There is no right way to prepare rice noodles, as the cooking method depends on a few factors. However, there is one way that most Japanese chefs recommend, and it is pretty effortless.

Ramen with noodles and beef

How Many Minutes Rice Noodles Should Stay in Hot Water Depends on Their Type

As mentioned in the paragraph above, rice ramen noodles should soak in hot water for between 6 to 10 minutes. But how to determine the ideal time? How many minutes rice noodles should stay in the water depends on the type of noodles you are using.

The type of noodles is usually stated on the packaging, where you will probably be able to read the exact cooking time that is recommended. In the table below, you can see some basic rules for cooking different types of rice noodles.

Type:Minutes of cooking:Best for:
Very thin6Singapore noodles
Thin6-7Pad Thai noodles
Medium8-9Rice Noodles with vegetables
Wide10Pad See Ew

Can You Cook Fresh Rice Noodles in the Same Way as the Dried Ones?

This table refers mostly to dried rice ramen, which comes in packages and is sold in different supermarkets. When it comes to fresh rice ramen noodles, they usually need less than 10 minutes to cook.

Also, fresh rice noodles can be stir-fried in a lightly oiled wok or a pan. Dried noodles, on the other hand, should not be stir-fried. Fresh rice noodles taste very similar to dry ones but are a little bit tastier and do not starch as much.

Pot with boiling water

Useful Tips for Cooking Rice Ramen Noodles You Should Try Out

Soaking rice noodles is not any kind of complicated culinary task, and the chances that you will mess something up are minimal, especially if you follow the instructions. However, there are some helpful tips you might want to try out to make your noodles and ramen taste much better.

  • Cook ramen in warm chicken broth – this is one of many ways to prepare rice noodles when cooking ramen. Generally, it is thought that the best way of preparing ramen is by adding cooked noodles right before serving. However, you can also try soaking noodles in warm broth. Maybe you will like the taste better after preparing them this way.
  • Toss the noodles with sesame oil – this tip is great if you plan to serve them with colder dishes, but it works well with ramen soups. It will improve the texture and prevent noodles from clumping together.
  • Let them sit after draining – because these noodles are so gentle, you don’t want to overdo them and cause breaking. Once you rinse them with cold water, let them sit for a few minutes before adding them to your dish.
  • Don’t soak up too many noodles at once – if you have to prepare a larger amount of rice noodles, consider soaking them up in two separate bowls. This way, all noodles will have enough space to soak up evenly.

Now That You Know How to Cook Rice Ramen Noodles, Your Japanese Dishes Will Always Turn Out Great

If you are a fan of ramen, it is very important to know how to cook rice noodles properly. Because many people have trouble learning how to prepare rice noodles, they opt for regular noodles, thinking they are easier to prepare.

However, rice noodles are the best option for traditional Japanese ramen, and they will taste much better. Next time you start preparing your favorite ramen, ditch the noodles and try preparing rice noodles. Using the tips we shared with you today, your rice noodles will undoubtedly turn out perfect.